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    Motherboard, NJ: at the bar

    By I am a liberal
    Apr 15, '17 9:28 PM EST

    The last human in Motherboard, NJ never had any interest in humanity.  This fact remained the same even after everyone was gone.

    The bars near the cooling tower crafted by makerbots in pure white plastic with the smells of a western saloons filtered into the mechanical duct system were open for as much business he could give them while serving himself.

    Hank Williams, Sr. - I’m so Lonesome I could cry - was on repeat in jest.  It was kind of funny, he’d never been happier.  A world full of inanimate objects and just him.

    The Veldt Drive-In up the hill might as well have been a haunted house.  A place where dreams could come true for most humans, at least the social ones.

    “Should Christopher Walken play Frank Lloyd Wright in the upcoming blockbuster movie?” – he asked an empty bar stool next to him as he jumped off his bar stool to switch places with his future self.

    “I think Bruce Willis as Norman Foster makes much more sense.” – he yelled back at his former self as he slapped the bar top with both hands.

    “Another round of bourbon for the house!”

    He headed to the back of the bar and paused to admire the former bar owner’s framed photos of the JC Penney at the Brunswick Square Mall in East Brunswick, NJ.  This was his favorite bar, he felt like the former owner understood him, but then again he didn’t know much about humans.


    [James Cash Penney]

    As he poured four (4) bourbons, clean, he heard sounds of footsteps coming from the bar’s front porch.

    He hopped over the bar and ran to the saloon style doors at the front of the bar.

    As he peered outside the footsteps stopped. 

    He swung the doors open and turned -

    – what the FLW!




    [all renderings and photos by Bob, use freely, just mention me in art gallery opening conversations when using freely]

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    • Juras1956

      Dose JCP own most of its stores or only lease or has them custom build for long term lease? I always thought they only lease at malls but many of them have similar architectural styles in common.

      Jul 6, 17 3:17 pm  · 

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