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    Bright and Cheery Brutalism Adaptations (doodles)

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Jan 6, '18 10:57 PM EST

    Concrete is fun!  Make it all concrete.

    List of Buildings:
    Ennis House by Frank Lloyd Wright
    Riverside Museum by Zaha Hadid Architects
    Jubilee Church by Richard Meier
    Wexner Center for Visual Arts by Peter Eisenman


    • threadkilla

      Wexner Centre looks like a gloomily dignified anti-air and sea-craft fortress/bunker. Almost has a Louis Kahn vibe to it

      Jan 13, 18 8:37 pm
      Sir Apple Chrissy

      well I owe an idea brewing in my mind due to a Miles comment on the Tron my head it's the Rem Koolhaas floating swimming pool being guided through the Tron Column circuit network...I think we have an end game now - Wexner as Kahn as anti-air bunker! as the Russian architect students swim their pool through Mars (ray bradbury martian chronicles canals = tron column circuit network)...on it


      Wild! There's something interesting about rendering the Wexner as a gray concrete building, given that it's sandwiched between two concrete examples of high-modernism, and how hard it tries to be both historical and futuristic...


      from this

      to this?

      Sir Apple Chrissy


      Sir Apple Chrissy

      The question now is what happens right before you get into the pool via that dramed structure?

      Sir Apple Chrissy

      it be coming, we almost to the pool.


      Jan 21, 18 12:52 am
      Sir Apple Chrissy

      each still from above...

      the canal is below, working on the boat.

      Jan 21, 18 8:55 am

      You add the gifs later?

      Jan 28, 18 12:19 am
      Sir Apple Chrissy

      yes. was going to do a new blog, but figured it was within the same theme

      Just glad to hear my memories are reliable...


      Reminds me of graduation.

      Jan 28, 18 5:41 am

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