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    the Tron Lally Column

    By I am a liberal
    Oct 8, '17 7:38 PM EST

    Based on two fellow archinectors input and feedback, the following is further development on a recent random blog post

    The Tron lighting effect has been incorporated into the column capitals and some research on the Lally Column was done as well.

    [the Tron Column integrated with a Lally Column]

    The Lally Column is that 4” diameter steel tube post with a plate on top and on the bottom that is sometimes adjustable and is often found in suburban North American garages and basements usually under the main beam that supports the house’s floor joists.

    [we used our fictional-super-stretchy-plastic column enclosure to adapt to the Lally Column height adjustments, the heights are color coded in our smart iColumn structural-lighting system]

    The Lally column is named after its inventor John Lally.   What appears to be the authoritative biography on John Lally is not readily available unless I drove to Delaware or something according to worldcat, which locates books for you in libraries within your surrounding area (most likely based on your IP address).  The following brief summary is pieced together based on various websites that appear to have sourced most their information from a news article in Irish News “Galway Inventor's Brainchild Supports the World" (1984).  The drawings below are from the US Patent office.   Four patents are confirmed by the John Lally we are discussing according to Wikipedia.  The most common biography note on John Lally is that he lived in Waltham, MA from 1898 to 1907 when the Lally Column was invented. [This link is good for further reading in general].  Some of the additional patents by John Lally note him residing in Nassau County, NY.  The presumed authoritative biography on John Lally was written by Marry Ellen Lally, listed from Great Neck Long Island, NY, which is in Nassau county.   It’s presumed in this blog post, since these other patents are within the construction industry, some of which are column connections, that the same John Lally of Waltham is the John Lally of Nassau County.

    Now if you do not like your Lally Columns in your house there is a company that can remove them.  Lallygone.  (FYI - a large beam will replace multiple Lally columns).

    The four Patents listed on wikipedia entry for Lally Column:

    other (presumed) construction related patents by same John Lally


    • This is not the twist I expected...

      Oct 9, 17 8:17 pm  · 

      Had no idea lally columns were that old. Looks good. 

      Oct 10, 17 10:02 am  · 
      Non Sequitur


      Oct 11, 17 9:48 am  · 

      I like the rhythmically pumping column, perfect for the disco.

      Oct 16, 17 9:15 am  · 

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