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    plattenbau rad: Testarossi Bit 001

    By I am a liberal
    Mar 23, '18 11:51 PM EST

    ...evokes many sources, among them an archaeological section whose elements lie in a chance order or, better, in a disarray whose order can no longer be traced by excavation.  This 'archaeological' section has a concrete power to perform like a deed bound directly to the imagination, not unlike that of the ancient dwellings in Pompeii, Ercolano, San Clement.

    - Gianni Braghieri on Aldo Rossi's Iron Bridge and Park Exhibition - XIII Triennale, Milan, Italy, 1964

    [Plattenbauer section]

    [section axonmetric, Rossi]

    [elevation, Rossi]

    [Plattenbauer ant perspective]

    [charcoal drawing, Rossi]

    [Plattenbauer deep in the archaeological section]

    [traced Rossi, Plattenabuer CAD as iConic]

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