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    the Tron Column

    By I am a liberal
    Sep 9, '17 1:40 AM EST

    Not yet available at Home Depot or Lowes.It's the future, a glowing column!Tron design it!Are you into glowing columns bruh?
    What about lightening rod parametric framing, bruh?

    Don't make me explain myself or this post.

    Is nice?


    @ Zulu 22:27.00 Mies van der Rohe dials in on the rotary phone.

    "Das ist the wrong Processor, no Pentium, no AMD, Apple is scheisse, vee must go with meine Prozessor." - says the Mies

    "Ja, Ja..." - Olaf

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    • Non Sequitur

      I am disappointed that the tron light effects did not follow the column capital spirals.

      Sep 22, 17 12:34 pm  · 

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