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    Most Excellent Adventures in Math + Architecture 0.02

    By I am a liberal
    Feb 26, '17 9:14 PM EST

    Your mom lives in a Rhombus dude?

    No bruh, she bought a Costa Surface to avoid dad. Minimal surface trick.

    but, she was also looking at the Double Enneper

    ...with a swimming pool topside! 

    ...and she checked out the Array of Suites at Karcher JE Saddle Towers, Los Angeles, California

    Dude, what about the Schwarz?

    Math used in the this adventure (3ds Max scripts and some photoshop):

    Ali Torabi's Mathsurf

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    • chigurh

      select random mathematical form + stick a car or person in it = dumb architecture 

      Mar 6, 17 9:29 am  · 

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