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    Most Excellent Adventures in Math + Architecture 0.03

    By I am a liberal
    Mar 25, '17 11:28 PM EST

    So Antoni Gaudi designed the arches at Sagrada Familia by hanging chains?  Inverted Catenaries dude!

    [1889 – Gaudí’s Hanging Chain Models ]

    [link to photo source]

    [link to photo source]

    dude, got it!

    y(x) = a + (1/b)cosh(b(x-c))

    Equation for the Shape of a Hanging Rope, Cable, or ChainScript used in 3dsMax for modleing: Simple Catenary  (a bit quirky, run it, then go to SHAPES and in drop-down select EXAMPLES, max may crash)

    All renderings by math, use freely, whatever (took me like two beers to make above...)


    Further links on Antoni Gaudi with regard to the inverted catenary.

    The Geometry of Antoni Gaudi

    wiki Catenary

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