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    plattenbau rad: flooded

    By I am a liberal
    May 5, '18 12:18 AM EST

    Disenchantment of the concept is the antidote of [architecture]. -ND+

    Lake Pontchartrain is like a great big beautiful spacious – space! – park on the water.  They pull the bus up in a parking area and there are nice trees round and all that endless nice water and they put on their bathing suits.  Walker, who has a hell of a build, puts on a pair of red, yellow, and black, trunks, and Kesey, who has a hell of a build, puts on a pair of blue and white trunks, and Zonker, who has a hell of a build, only leaner, puts on a pair of orange trunks, and the blue of the water and the scorched-out green of the grass and the leaves and – a little breeze? – it is all swimming in front of their old acid eyes like a molten postcard – water! What they don’t know is, it is a segregated beach, for Negroes only.  The spades all sitting there on benches sit there staring at these white crazies coming out of a weird bus and heading for a New Or-lean 30th-parallel Deep South segregated water.  Zonker is really zonked this time, and burning up with the heat, about 100 degrees, and he dives in and swims out a ways and pretty soon he sees he is surrounded by deep orange men, Negroes, all treading water around him and giving him rotten looks.  One of them has a gold tooth in the front with a star cut out in it, and the gold starts flashing out at him in the sun – cheeakkk – in time with his heartbeat which is getting faster all the time, these goddamn flashes of gold and white star after-images, and the Golden Mouth say, “Man, there sure is a lotta trash in the water today." - KAT

    I’m..stoned.....I took some acid, and I …took too much and it’s going very bad. – KAT

    No object is wholly known; knowledge is not supposed to prepare the phantasm of a whole.  Thus the goal of an [architectural] interpretation of works of art cannot be their identification with the concept, their absorption in the concept; yet it is through such interpretation that the truth of the work unfolds. - ND

    [INTERLUDE] A shit kicker is a guy with a frown on his eyes on the ground, sloughing forward with his shoes scuffing the pavement like he’s kicking horseshit out of the way saying oh that this should happen to me. The shit kickers gave them many resentful looks, which was the Pranksters gift to the shit kickers. - KAT [as the Prankster Bus rolls into NYC]


    ...and now, for this part of our tour, the Crypt Trip – “ And the Pranksters started rapping off the Crypt Trip, while Babbs entered into a parody rendition of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.  This was one of the Learyites [Timothy Leary followers] most revered texts.  “This is where we take our followers to hang them up when they’re high,” says Babbs, “the Crypt Trip.”  The clear message was Fuck you, Millbrook, for your freaking frostiness. - KAT

    Common to art and [architecture] is not the form, not the forming process, but a mode of conduct that forbids pseudomorphosis. - ND+


    The modern manufactured shack off the lonely interstate.  David Byrne covered it once  - the shack.  

    Outside the corrugated box its a deep yellow under the sodium-vapor lamps at night. The corrugated box is a mystery of sorts.  Everything in there is naked and raw, and everything out here in the parking lot  is isolated and suicidal or homicidal.  This place only exists thanks to interstate trade and a tradition of satisfying lonely men in lonely architecture. 

    Modernism functionality with sustainable hedonism?

    the yada yada:

    For each chapter of Tom Wolfe's The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (KAT) a few paragraphs form Theodor W. Adorno's Negative Dialectics (ND) will be ripped off and modified.

    Chapters 7 thru 9  (KAT) - Unauthorized Acid, Tootling the Multitudes, The Crypt

    Infinity (ND)

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