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    Space Popcorn and the Futurist Design Move

    By I am a liberal
    Mar 13, '17 2:05 AM EST

    Space Mountain. The indoor roller coaster at Disney World's Magic Kingdom's Tommorrowland (Orlando, Florida, USA). That ride scared the crap out of me 30+ years ago and my younger brother at 4 years old, not sure how they let him on the ride, nearly squirmed himself out of his seat buckles back then with my mother holding him in place for dear life.  This made me of course nervous about my 6 year old daughter who is just 44" tall.  She loved it apparently. The 9 year old yawned.

    In the 80's when I rode it, all I remember was pitch black mayhem.  Today, it was an awe inspiring outerspace atmosphere before you held on for dear life (it's actually a low grade rollercoaster by today's standards).

    In line checking out the details I noticed an interesting feature.  In the future the space ceilings will have Popcorn Ceilings.

    Popcorn ceilings and LED's colored lights. 

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