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Sep '06 - Jan '11

  • 025 - It's been awhile

    By dedubs
    Feb 11, '07 3:51 PM EST

    (Kent State University) I swear I'm not dead, really. School has hit, and hit hard. It's come to the point where there is so much work that I have to start choosing what to finish/not finish based on what professor I don't want to upset more. I have this problem with not saying no. Sure, I'll do... View full entry

  • 024 - diagrams, diagrams, DIAGRAMS!

    By dedubs
    Jan 25, '07 8:39 PM EST

    (Kent State University) The semester is slowly beginning, haven’t even assembled my parallel bar in studio yet. Everything has been on the computer as of late, just mostly site analyses. I only have time for a short entry, but may expand over the weekend.. So like I said before, the initial... View full entry

  • 023 - yet another 'new semester' entry.

    By dedubs
    Jan 20, '07 12:48 AM EST

    (Kent State University) semester 4... Architecture history III: modernism - K. Strand 2nd year design studio II - G. Stroh 3D cad/viz - J. Hilton Intro to structures - G. Dreyer Digital assemblage/maya - W. Lucak Colloquium: architectural theory/concepts ("honors studio") - J. Turnidge Individual... View full entry

  • 022 - yet another portfolio - please crit!

    By dedubs
    Jan 4, '07 7:40 PM EST

    (Kent State University) &tSo I thought I'd jump on the archinect bandwagon and post my portfolio. Now what you see isn't all of it. I thought for this portfolio I would make it a series of "pamphlets" which each profile a separate project. I only have three done at the moment.. there are... View full entry

  • 021 - first year..

    By dedubs
    Jan 2, '07 7:08 PM EST

    (Kent State University) So I've been working on my portfolio as of late, and have been running through all my old photographs of last year's projects. Here are a few pictures from some projects, more should come following the finish of this ever daunting/haunting portfolio. View full entry

  • 020 - presents!

    By dedubs
    Dec 26, '06 7:11 PM EST

    (Kent State University) So here's what Santa brought me.. what did he bring you? -Young Architects 6: If...Then: Architectural Speculation -Crib Sheets: Notes on Contemporary Architectural Conversation -shoes -Andrew Bird concert tickets -..and this beauty View full entry

  • 019 - It never stops..

    By dedubs
    Dec 18, '06 9:36 PM EST

    (Kent State University) Ah, I can finally breathe. Sorry for the recent lack of posts, but school has been tough lately. Final projects, reviews, tests, tests, tests, Christmas parties, organizing a job fair, finishing our publication, drawing I final, sleep, Christmas shopping, sleep, etc, etc... View full entry

  • 018 - sleep...?

    By dedubs
    Dec 1, '06 12:41 AM EST

    (Kent State University) Final project time. End of semester time. Therefore, everything is due at the same exact time and every class demands all your time. But we've all been through it before, this is architecture school.. Juries will be exciting. Greg Stroh is bringing a group of faculty... View full entry

  • 017 - studio rave.

    By dedubs
    Nov 14, '06 10:39 PM EST

    (Kent State University) All in a night's work. 8pm: Pre-lim model #3 underway. Volumes broken apart from last iteration, all assembled and arranged ready to commence staircase construction. 10pm: Time out for quick pre-rave rave. Test of lights and fog machine successful. 12am: Staircase... View full entry

  • 016 - Row housing, schmo housing

    By dedubs
    Nov 10, '06 5:25 PM EST

    (Kent State University) "I wish we had more time for that." "There's not enough time to do that." "That's more of a graduate level thing to investigate." "Stay on track with the rest of the class." This is all I have been told for the past two/three weeks when I try to push my project further. No... View full entry

  • 015 - Lecture_Galia Solomonoff

    By dedubs
    Nov 6, '06 5:20 PM EST

    (Kent State University) The Louis I. Kahn Visiting Assistant Professor of Architectural Design at Yale University, who holds a B.S. from City College and a M.Arch. from Columbia University will be speaking at Kent State. Solomonoff is the principal of OpenOffice, a studio for architectural... View full entry

  • 014 - Akron Art Museum, Coop Himmelb(l)au

    By dedubs
    Oct 26, '06 10:07 AM EST

    (Kent State University) I now do not have to travel cross-country to see work like this, it's finally in my own backyard.largerlargerlarger I feel like a teenage girl at a Backstreet Boys concert. But that's alright.. View full entry

  • 013 - Coop-Himmelb(l)au tonight!

    By dedubs
    Oct 25, '06 9:00 AM EST

    this doesn't happen everyday around here.. post-lecture details to come. View full entry

  • 012 - first lecture of the season

    By dedubs
    Oct 22, '06 2:00 PM EST

    (Kent State University) Interesting lecture. He mostly talked about building strategies and the competence loss (which was the sub-title of his lecture, "Strategies & Competence"). Something I've heard a hundred times before, but nevertheless is an important issue and was glad to hear his... View full entry

  • 011 - discovered

    By dedubs
    Oct 20, '06 1:05 AM EST

    (Kent State University) My original intention for this blog was the freedom to express my thoughts, opinions, ideas, etc, etc, about my self, my work, and most importantly my college. I would keep the blog a secret from my peers, and not be influenced or worried about what I would put in here. I... View full entry

  • 010 - final presentation/first jury..

    By dedubs
    Oct 18, '06 11:13 AM EST

    (Kent State University) So I am alive, I think. You tend to forget where you are in space when you sleep for 14 hours after not sleeping for 48. We presented our final projects yesterday which turned out to be my first (and very interesting..) jury. I'm not sure how to interpret some comments. I... View full entry

  • 009 - waterlogged

    By dedubs
    Oct 9, '06 2:21 PM EST

    (Kent State University) tip: never place your projects on the windowsill. Bad things will happen. View full entry

  • 008 - adventures in samizdat publication

    By dedubs
    Sep 29, '06 5:51 PM EST

    (Kent State University) sa·miz·dat (sä'm?z-dät', s?-my?z-dät')source The noun underground press Meaning #1: a system of clandestine printing and distribution of dissident or banned literature Synonym: samizdat Hacker Slang... View full entry

  • 007 - "post a description of your studio working experience!!"

    By dedubs
    Sep 27, '06 7:37 PM EST

    (Kent State University) I have a favor to ask. A popular discussion about a month ago, asking us to post a picture of our studio space, brought up some interest in me.. I've visited Sci-Arc, I've been inside the DAAP in Cincy, viewed pictures from Toronto, I've heard stories from other... View full entry

  • 006 - frustration

    By dedubs
    Sep 26, '06 10:16 PM EST

    (Kent State University) So I finally realized today that I am now in second year instead of first. I walk over to their side, see the projects””the abstract environments they're creating””and get a sense of nostalgia. I was told in today's crit to find a graphic standards... View full entry

  • 005 - flickr

    By dedubs
    Sep 23, '06 11:49 PM EST

    (Kent State University) just got a new account, uploaded all my old film.. please visit! View full entry

  • 004 - ingestion, storage, and dissemination

    By dedubs
    Sep 22, '06 4:50 PM EST

    (Kent State University) The National Archives, in it's research to discover the right way to store electronic records, initiated the Electronic Records Archives program (EPA). As stated by the NARA, "The archives of the future need not be confined to a geographical locations. Digital technology... View full entry

  • 003 - new directions

    By dedubs
    Sep 16, '06 9:30 PM EST

    (Kent State University) A short re-cap (or using what free time I have to slightly update the blog). We had our first CAED all-school meeting wednesday, which was an exciting introduction and welcoming back for all the students. Dean Fong, our year old dean from University of Toronto, lectured on... View full entry

  • 002 - Site photomontage

    By dedubs
    Sep 12, '06 5:12 PM EST

    (Kent State University) Site: Downtown Kent, Ohio View full entry

  • 001 - The Wall

    By dedubs
    Sep 8, '06 11:19 AM EST

    (Kent State University) First entry, first project of the new year.. We're taking a huge deviation from the previous years of 2nd year studio, under the new command of coordinator Greg Stroh, our returning/new professor from Syracuse. Our assignment: create a wall. A wall to exist between street... View full entry

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