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    By dedubs
    Feb 26, '08 12:44 AM EST

    The past few days I've been seeing the envelopes, the green and white striped edges. They've been flowing into the school, one by one. The talent, the energy, the creativity..

    Good luck to all who applied! Sorry if I haven't responded back to some e-mails regarding help with Cooper and the home test, I'll blame it on the busy schedule. The home test brings back some good memories (even if only one year old). It taught me that I can work myself into my architecture, and that there can be a spirit to what I create.. aside from the sleepless nights of trying to compile a portfolio, working on what seemed to be impossible prompts, and trying to keep up with the hectic schedule of an architecture student at Kent.


    • erjonsn

      I applied!
      Hope to see you around next year.

      Feb 27, 08 12:35 am  · 

      are you applying as a freshman or transfer?

      Feb 27, 08 4:15 am  · 

      present--are you jarch1?

      Feb 27, 08 5:56 am  · 

      jarch1? no
      i applied as a freshman too
      although i have been studying architecture in college for semesters
      keep in touch

      Feb 27, 08 6:17 pm  · 

      did you take photos/scans of your home test?

      Feb 27, 08 8:02 pm  · 

      i mailed it @the 25
      notime to scan it
      i just took some snapshot
      and you??

      Feb 27, 08 9:48 pm  · 

      photos of all, except "memory" and "literary counterpart"--they did not photocopy.

      we should share tests.

      and you mailed it on the 25th? was it not due on the 25th?

      Feb 28, 08 10:27 pm  · 

      it is due on 25th
      and it was a monday
      thats the only thing i could do

      Feb 29, 08 1:11 am  · 

      please read

      Feb 29, 08 1:13 am  · 

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