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    012 - first lecture of the season

    By dedubs
    Oct 22, '06 2:00 PM EST

    (Kent State University)



    Interesting lecture. He mostly talked about building strategies and the competence loss (which was the sub-title of his lecture, "Strategies & Competence"). Something I've heard a hundred times before, but nevertheless is an important issue and was glad to hear his thoughts on it. The architect as an author, the responsibility for the building to contain artistic, technical, social and political functions, architects should be in charge of the entire process.. all bullet points from his speech. He showed us an interesting visual, and something that produced a lot of contemplation among myself.. why when we go to a building site we see 10 different firms with the architect represented right alongside the project manager, the engineers, the developers, the plumbing fixtures company? Why today does the architect design a building and pass it on to someone else to be finished? Why can't the architect control the process, or work in a team with the same goal, and see it from start to finish?

    Anyways.. the contrast between American and Swiss architecture was a valuable point to view. He explained the difference between what most Americans and clients think sustainable architecture is compared to the Swiss. Altogether, I thought it was a great lecture and he a great lecturer. I took many things from this, including how we should realize architecture is not just visual aesthetics, but also the entire building process and the results we can bring by understanding this.

    And oh, I got in the paper the next day, woo.


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