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    049 - If it ain't Baroque..

    By dedubs
    Nov 1, '08 1:30 PM EST

    There's a slight hesitation to post anymore blog entries when the entire incoming freshman class confronts me about the fact that they have read this, know everything about my studio career, and wait in anticipation for a new entry. Especially when they inform me that even their parents check it out..

    Also, there isn't much content to post when most of the work consists of hand drawings and models yet to be documented due to time or other reasons. But, alas, I will try my best to update you on the happenings at Cooper..

    For three quarters of the semester, we are analyzing Baroque churches, studying their conceptual and sensational qualities. For the first few weeks we worked in groups of 6 to fully document the buildings, build 1/4" models of, and generally understand the building before we jump into our individual analysis. The project is not meant to be a study into the classical forms of architecture, via the Baroque period or anything of the sort-- but more a general understanding of formal qualities and transformations in geometry and structure as a catalyst or guide to our individual design project later in the project. These Baroque churches are as modern as any Corb/Loos house the previous second year class studied.

    My church was shown above, Santa Maria in Campitelli by the architect Carlo Rainaldi. By far a very unknown building, but entirely rich in its complexity. Later on I'll hopefully be able to share the drawings and models I've been working on..

    The other churches, mostly well known:

    San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, Francesco Borromini

    Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza, Francesco Borromini

    San Lorenzo in Turin, Guarino Guarini

    San Andrea al Quirinale, Gian Lorenzo Bernini

    Let's just say for now that the project is completely amazing and great to think about churches of the Baroque in a very contemporary way.. My professors are Michael Young (my descriptive geometry professor from last year), Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, and Felecia Davis.

    Aside from studio, I'm taking Photo II with Michael Vahrenwald and is going extremely well.. I'll leave you with some projects from that class..

    On a visit to Mike Tyson's abandoned mansion..

    More here and here

    Analog vs Digital..

    More here

    ps! Here's a lecture series poster (finally).. Co-sponsored by the Architectural League of New York..



      kuma's recent lecture here in seattle was really good.

      Nov 1, 08 9:10 pm  · 


      -guess who

      Nov 2, 08 7:39 pm  · 

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