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    021 - first year..

    By dedubs
    Jan 2, '07 7:08 PM EST

    (Kent State University)

    So I've been working on my portfolio as of late, and have been running through all my old photographs of last year's projects. Here are a few pictures from some projects, more should come following the finish of this ever daunting/haunting portfolio.








    • Zoë Coombes

      These are really great models! Clean and meticulous, love it.
      Total memory lane for me. Keep them coming D!

      Jan 2, 07 11:17 pm  · 

      thanks! glad i could inflict nostalgia upon you.

      Jan 3, 07 1:12 am  · 

      clean models but what do those forms and spatial configs suggest?...

      Jan 3, 07 5:15 am  · 

      thank you d mishap, really. i feel archinect is such a great community with people honestly out to help one another, and you contribute greatly to that. your words will be taken strongly, thanks again for the encouragement. i hope the same for you.

      dammson, i may come back and explain these in more detail as my portfolio process proceeds.. but i'll summarize for now.

      1_ "museum for the senses," as the project was titled. I focused on installation art and designed a form that sat inside a shell, with separate spaces for each installation throughout the inner form.

      2_ this was a house for a swimmer, or as we referred to it as, a house with a client very similar to our professor... I seperated private/semi-private/public in three different forms intertwining. A post-project realization led me to see the three forms as abstractly appearing to represent to motion of diving and swimming.

      3_ excuse me for the photo being turned the wrong way. This project started with the study of the process of how a book was made, and led us to designing the interior of a library. I highlighted all the pieces, stairs, reading room, floor, shelves, to create a tectonic atmosphere.

      4_ first project of first year.. this started with hand/collage drawings studying point/line/plane, and led to a 3D surface/space construct.

      5_ all time favorite, this was a private library for a client who liked to entertain guests. We started with an investigation of a specific Kazimir Malevich painting, which led us to a 3D interpretation of it. We had to pay attention to approach, entry, passage, and place.

      6_ extension/expansion. Started with a cube, then 3 more, then what you see now.

      hope that helps.

      Jan 3, 07 2:34 pm  · 

      brilliantly good undergrad work, and still just starting 1st year . ! impressive.

      i taught a first year studio a few years back, and getting the students to try anything as adventurous as you are doing, seemingly as a matter of course, was like pulling teeth. out of curiosity are there many students like yourself at your uni?

      Jan 3, 07 6:56 pm  · 

      jump, first off, thanks! second, i'm a second year student (these are just photos of last year's work). and third, there is a good precentage of students who are as motivated as i am, but few and far between.. as i'm sure most studios are like.

      Jan 3, 07 7:02 pm  · 

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