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    032 - Wedding gift/Ring box

    By dedubs
    Jun 28, '07 7:59 PM EST

    So for my brother's wedding present, I didn't want to resort to buying something unoriginal off of some bridal registry at bath and body works. I wanted to try to create something for them that would be useful but not one of those "oh, well he made it.. so we HAVE to keep it (even though we think it's hideously ugly)" gifts.

    I had to keep it small, so I designed a ring box that would appear to be a solid block of material with a hole drilled in the middle. Upon further notice, one realizes the box comes apart and actually stores the wedding rings.

    Materials, white acrylic. Laser cut. Glue with acrylic bonder.

    Here's a go at some animated gifs showing the easy assembly. If they don't work, refresh the page.

    Check out the photos from my trip to California.. there is a set on my visit to the Eames house as well. Thanks! Here's my flickr.


    • myriam

      dude that is COOL! the only thing is though that i wish it were RED (or yellow or orange or...), but that's just me. AWESOME GIFT!!!

      Jun 28, 07 9:06 pm  · 

      very nice. just make sure the circle fits their finger size ;) i agree about the colours, sometimes white fades into a bad stained tooth kind of white.

      Jun 28, 07 10:20 pm  · 

      thanks guys. the photos don't do the photos justice. this acrylic is a nice glossy white, think ipod white. i went with white for the purity of its colors and relation to marriage. and mhollenstein, i'm crossing my fingers on the ring size.. heh.

      Jun 28, 07 11:06 pm  · 

      the photos don't do the project* justice. sorry

      Jun 28, 07 11:27 pm  · 

      ohhhhh, pure white. ok that makes sense. i thought it was a sort of doughy off-white! nice!!

      Jun 28, 07 11:45 pm  · 

      wow, brilliant idea. That is really stunning!

      I want to touch it- haha

      Jun 29, 07 3:03 am  · 

      really cool, nice documentation...

      Another ideer:
      sink some led's and a watch battery into the hole and cover it up...

      Jun 29, 07 8:30 am  · 

      Great idea! It's lovely....I might have to steal it, lol

      Jun 29, 07 11:09 am  · 

      sweet, but what does the inscription say? Or am I completely dense and missing that?

      Jun 29, 07 10:57 pm  · 

      nophilia, it's simply their names engraved on each box. i won't tell anyone.

      Jun 30, 07 12:55 am  · 

      very cool danny. thoughtful and well done. i'm sure they'll love 'em.

      Jun 30, 07 3:37 pm  · 

      Great gift. I'm sure they'll appreciate it more than any bed sheet set from their registry.

      Jun 30, 07 5:08 pm  · 

      can we make orders? Would be great out of maple panel

      Jul 1, 07 1:24 am  · 

      I don't know if I'm reading it correctly, but I like the way the hole is bigger in the "his" box (Michael?), while the "hers" is more petite. It's a subtle reference to masculinity/ femininity as well as a nice identifying quality. I'm assuming it happened because of the ring size?

      I love the stark white acrylic and architechnophilia is right, it would be awesome in wood too.

      Jul 1, 07 3:08 am  · 

      Isn't that because one hole is fit to the outer cylinder diameter and one is fit to the inner diameter? or am I reading it wrong?

      this is a fascinating little project. i do love it.

      Jul 1, 07 12:04 pm  · 
      vado retro

      and with the hole in the middle, one could wear the ringholder as a ring.

      Jul 1, 07 12:06 pm  · 

      There are indeed two different size holes, one for her, and one for him. and vado, i'd like that idea to work, but i think you'd need a pretty small finger for it to fit. it does work as a good pen holder, however.

      Jul 1, 07 12:58 pm  · 

      pick of the week.

      Jul 1, 07 3:02 pm  · 

      thanks orhan!

      Jul 1, 07 7:03 pm  · 

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