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    023 - yet another 'new semester' entry.

    By dedubs
    Jan 20, '07 12:48 AM EST

    (Kent State University)

    semester 4...

    Architecture history III: modernism - K. Strand
    2nd year design studio II - G. Stroh
    3D cad/viz - J. Hilton
    Intro to structures - G. Dreyer
    Digital assemblage/maya - W. Lucak
    Colloquium: architectural theory/concepts ("honors studio") - J. Turnidge
    Individual investigation in graphic design - S. Fong (Dean)
    plus a general psych class to satisfy those liberal arts requirements.

    Not sure how recognizable those names are to most of you (unlike some of the other blogs).. but understand this-- I finally have real professors this year. No more grad assistants for studio, it's the real deal this time. And arch history! I have a teacher who makes me want to learn the material and pay attention in class. They no longer are out to get the students, but rather help us learn like it's supposed to be. I apparently have a legendary structures teacher who is on his last year teaching, which will be exciting. 3d cad/viz, maya, digital fabrication! woo! A colloquium on theory? Graphic design with the dean!? I can't really complain this semester, unlike last.

    This just means, however, that things are going to require even more time and effort. Less sleep, less social experiences, less life overall. But I will completely enjoy a semester, which is incentive enough.

    The new semester just started so there aren't many pretty pictures to post to keep your attention. All I have so far is an excerpt from my site analysis, primarily the parking structure/systems of the city.. which might I add is quite a confusing mess for an infrequent visitor.


    In other news.. if you haven't checked out the recent Architect issue, I'm in it! ...sort of. The office that I worked with over the summer won an award in Home of the Year. I made the portfolio that we sent to be judged (which can be seen a few pages earlier as the orange manila folder resting at the bottom of the stack). So, depending on how you look at it.. 19 years old, already with published work? Not bad.. =)

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    • congrats, danny. a beautiful, clean, and simple project.

      i should probably not tell you that my one and only published project was also when i was 19, but there it is.

      Jan 20, 07 7:45 am  · 

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