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Sep '06 - Jan '11

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    001 - The Wall

    By dedubs
    Sep 8, '06 11:19 AM EST

    (Kent State University)

    First entry, first project of the new year..

    We're taking a huge deviation from the previous years of 2nd year studio, under the new command of coordinator Greg Stroh, our returning/new professor from Syracuse.
    Our assignment: create a wall. A wall to exist between street and gallery, lobby and gallery, or gallery and gallery. These are our only requirements, the rest is up to us to determine.

    You tend to discover some interesting things when you have to critically think about the wall. A couple readings led to a complete re-evaluation of the wall, which led me to the decision that my wall does not have to only exist in the vertical plane from ground to sky.

    The outcome: I will create a ”˜mobile gallery wall,' a fully and easily transportable wall that will not only divide the space from gallery to gallery, but also create pockets of space, different programs, various spacial experiences. And my concept, it will all evolve out of one flat wall. No addition, no subtraction””my guidlines, only scoring, folding, cutting are to be allowed. No nails, no glue, no screws, it must have the illusion of a flat sheet of material with the ability to transform into a self-supporting display wall, bench, entrance/door, desk, window, etc.

    Studies of progression/transformation from flat wall to programmatic spaces..


    Final model (one of them), consisting of three walls with similar yet varying designs, showing the possibilites for unique spaces created out of this concept.


    A problem: there are stop hinges, concealed hinges, tension hinges, red hinges, blue hinges, but there are none that are two or more of the above combined. So I had to invent it””a hinge that would remain concealed when in transportation mode but could fold open to a predetermined angle and stop, self support itself and outside weight from art/people/things.


    Today I'm doing my first site study/evaluation, wish me luck.. or help me?

    Oh, and thanks to Archinect for giving me this chance to show who I am and who Kent State University is.


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      stroh rocks!

      Sep 8, 06 2:11 pm  · 

      how did you make that hinge? It looks beautiful
      I'm a 1st yr architecture student and I'm trying to create some (cardboard or wood) hinges for my model and i'm a bit stuck! any advice?

      Sep 23, 08 6:36 pm  · 

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