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    046 - Storefront: On Mock-ups, Home Videos and Housekeeping: a video exhibition in 3 parts

    By dedubs
    Mar 21, '08 2:01 AM EST

    The first opening reception is this Tuesday, March 25th, 6:30 pm. Come. It looks like a grand exhibit.

    Storefront for Art and Architecture

    On Mock-ups, Home Videos and Housekeeping: a video exhibition in 3 parts
    Mar 25 2008 - May 3 2008

    1- Mock-Ups in Close-Up
    March 25 2008 - April 5 2008
    Architectural Models in Cinema 1927 – 2007
    A video project by Gabu Heindl and Drehli Robnik, 2008

    Mock-Ups in Close-Up (Gabu Heindl and Drehli Robnik, 2008) is a comprehensive overview of one of the least-explored territories in the relationship between architecture and cinema. 80 different clips, all including architectural models, are collated to become, in themselves, an 80-minute movie that includes sequences from films produced between 1927 and 2007.

    Although it contains some obvious classics, such as Housing Problems [1935], King Vidor´s The Fountainhead [1948] and Peter Greenaway´s Belly of an Architect [1987], this compilation does not primarily deal with "films about architecture". Rather, it offers a section through an all-inclusive film history which, in the project's re-writing, appears to be obsessed with showing models in a variety of contexts: be it on the fringes or in the center of a scene, models pop up in love stories, thrillers, psychological dramas, comedies or sci-fi.

    The films compiled include arthouse and blockbuster fare, "auteur cinema" as well as contributions to film franchises such as the Dr. Mabuse, James Bond, Dirty Harry, Death Wish, Indiana Jones, Robocop, Austin Powers and X-Men cycles. The list of filmmakers who could not resist to either pan over or to focus on architectural models includes Fritz Lang, King Vidor, Sergio Leone, Alain Resnais, Sam Fuller, Arthur Penn, Robert Aldrich, Michelangelo Antonioni, Francis Ford Coppola, Don Siegel, Stanley Kubrick, Margarethe von Trotta, Robert Zemeckis, Penny Marshall, Peter Greenaway, Oliver Stone, Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg, Ben Stiller, the Farrelly Brothers, and Wes Anderson.

    March 28, 6.30pm: Author's presentation followed by open discussion with Beatriz Colomina. Their talk will raise some key questions on film history, archiving, "photogénie" and specific typologies of architectural models and the roles they play in movies from an architect or urbanist´s point of view.

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