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    051 - The End of the Year Show

    By dedubs
    May 25, '09 3:18 AM EST

    Please come see the work of the entire three schools this Tuesday starting at 5! It's going to be a great show. We've been working non-stop for the past week, 12 hours a day, pinning up drawings, fixing models, making bases, painting bases, re-painting bases, fixing drawings, plotting like crazy, drawing new drawings, re-pinning everything, 3D printing, preparing digital presentations, and attempting to enjoy some of the sunny weather all at the same time.

    But I'll let the official ad do the talking..

    The Cooper Union End of Year Show
    Tuesday, May 27, 5:00-9:00 pm, opening night
    Monday-Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 12-5pm, closed Sundays and Memorial Day
    Foundation Building
    7 East 7th Street at Third Avenue
    Free and open to the public

    With the 42nd annual End of Year Show, students at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art make the transition from the studios and classrooms to the gallery as they formally exhibit their works in the Foundation Building.

    May 26-June 27, 2009
    Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture will present an exhibition of student works ranging from architectural drawings and detailed scale models to computer-aided renderings of famous sites and emerging developments. The Cooper Union End of Year Show has a rich tradition of showcasing projects by emerging architects that has helped launch the careers of such well-known alumni as Elizabeth Diller, Ricardo Scofidio, Shigeru Ban, Laurie Hawkinson, Diane Lewis, Stan Allen, Daniel Libeskind, Toshiko Mori and Rolf Ohlhausen.

    May 26-June 13, 2008
    The School of Art faculty have selected major pieces by students representing “the best of” each discipline ranging from sculpture, graphic design and painting to video installations. Young artists’ work will include both individual and collaborative efforts, illustrating the school’s continuing role as an incubator of significant artists such as alumni Milton Glaser, Alex Katz, Amy Cutler, Wangechi Mutu, Lee Krasner and Edward Sorel.

    May 26-June 13, 2008
    Albert Nerken School of Engineering will participate with a wide variety of projects representing the different engineering disciplines ranging from a Formula 1 race car, battling robots, computer musical compositions, hovercraft science and examples of energy reclamation and other sustainable “Green” technologies such as a garden heated by repurposed steam heat. More than fifty student projects will be on display in the Great Hall Gallery, showcasing important and exciting design and research outcomes from the innovating fields of mechanical, electrical, civil, and chemical engineering.


    • mjh33

      Wow, sounds like a lot of work.

      May 25, 09 10:44 am  · 


      I've seen the end of the year show and I really enjoyed your works. congratulations.

      I currently finished my second year at Virginia Tech and I also got accepted to Cooper Union starting from first year and I'm trying to decide whether to accept the offer at Cooper. I wonder if you could give me your opinion and a piece of advice based on your experiences and what motivated you to go to Cooper Union.

      My e-mail is



      Jun 3, 09 3:32 pm  · 

      Meh, didn't seem like THAT much work mjh33.

      Especially that main lobby space once you got off the elevator . . .

      Jun 13, 09 12:29 am  · 

      I lvoe end of year shows, its great to see graduates work Spoofcard

      Nov 24, 09 12:37 pm  · 

      Thanks for sharing. I love to read on your website!

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      Nov 25, 09 11:19 pm  · 

      Wow, it sounds like it was an incredible show. I love how you have so many different kinds of media and disciplines involved. When is the 2010 show?

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      Nov 29, 09 12:30 am  · 

      Me too. I have the same question. When is the 2010 show?

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      Nov 29, 09 2:54 am  · 

      Hope your show went well - seems like your hard work paid off.

      When is your 2010 show? Please keep us updated and keep up the great work!

      What is your favorite discipline or type of media? The last day show about "Green Media" seems really interesting. I bet it's becoming popular as innovation and care for the environment become important.

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      Dec 1, 09 12:24 am  · 

      when's the crazy spam gonna end??

      Dec 3, 09 9:42 am  · 

      The Show will be up for short, but once its gone - it'll be gone...How we wiped clean for a new semester ahead.

      Dec 4, 09 4:32 am  · 

      this looks like a great event. I wish i could be a part of it to see the wonderful art work made by the kids. Keep it up. cheapest voip

      Dec 6, 09 1:51 pm  · 

      Did many companies come to see the event and if so did anyone get employment as a result of exhibiting their work at the event. We had our end of year exhibition in The National Film Theatre in London, which was a fantastic experience, but not enough organisation was spent getting companies to come and visit the event.
      Jooles The Beadstalk

      Jan 11, 10 5:43 am  · 

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