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    033 - Highschool all over again..

    By dedubs
    Jul 7, '07 5:01 PM EST

    So this whole transfer thing is really starting to turn into a nightmare..
    Reapplying for loans, fasfa, medical forms, applications, more forms, trying to get a dorm/apartment in nyc, class schedules/registrations, the list goes on.

    Now I get a letter informing me of the transfer procedure, in all its chaotic glory. I have to schedule three separate meetings to discuss "possible" transfer credit. Possible. I took calculus and physics two years or more ago, passed with flying colors and all.. and there may be a possibility I have to re-take the classes? "Final approval of transfer credit will be made by the appropriate Dean or Faculty for each course, based on the transcript and other materials such as course description and a syllabus with topics and course requirements, a reading list, and any quizzes, exams, papers or projects that demonstrate the student's proficiency with the course topics." I guess those half-awake notes scribbled in class will have to suffice.


    • sunsetsam

      I know how it feels. I live in VA, and there is only ONE accredited undergrad arch program, and thats VT (UVA is only accredited for M.ARCH). And the worst thing is that, VT only takes 4.0 transfers, so most of my transfer schools are out of state - which gives me the exact same problem as you - CREDITS.

      I got into NC STATE arch program and all my credits transfered thank goodness, and same for Kansas state, but I decided not to go to either. The worst thing is that for almost any school that I want to transfer into for arch for out of state, I will start as a first year arch student.... even though I presently am a sophomore (and by the time I go to the university I transfer too, hopefully, ill be a Junior) sad. But what I realized is that, you shouldn't let those small and pestering requirements bother you, you just gotta battle through.

      Jul 8, 07 5:49 am  · 


      There are two undergraduate programs in Virginia

      VT and Hampton U blog

      Jul 11, 07 4:13 pm  · 

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