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    043 - Michael Webb Exhibition

    By dedubs
    Jan 15, '08 3:14 PM EST

    Works by Michael Webb

    Spring 2008 Robert Gwathmey Chair in Architecture and Art

    This exhibition is dedicated to the twenty-six first year students at The Cooper Union in Professor Webb’s charge. Having spent the fall 2007 semester learning, through their drawings, who they are, Webb views the exhibition as an opportunity for the students to learn about him and his work. Organized in a linear manner; the exhibit can be read like the pages of a book. It concerns two themes: a train of thought deriving from the Reyner Banham article A Home is not a House (1965), and a study of linear perspective projection.

    Circa 1963, Webb joined the Archigram Group, a collection of six young architects rebelling against what they saw as an English architectural scene on life support. Through the pages of a magazine, the group produced highly colored images of ‘a new architecture that would stand alongside the space capsules, the inflatable structures and the lifestyles of a new generation.’ For the last eleven years, an exhibition of the group’s work has been touring the world. Originating in Vienna, it visited New York in 1998, Seoul, Korea in 2002, and was mounted in London in 2004. Webb came to the United States in 1965, and has since taught architecture at The Cooper Union, Columbia University, and several other schools.

    Presented by The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture

    Exhibition Reception
    Friday, January 25, 2008 from 6 to 8pm
    Remarks by Dennis Crompton, Kent Kleinman, and Michael Webb at 7pm
    The Arthur A. Houghton Jr. Gallery
    7th Street at 3rd Avenue

    Exhibition Dates
    January 22 – February 12, 2008

    Gallery Hours
    Monday – Friday, 12pm – 7pm
    Saturday, 12pm – 5pm
    Closed Sundays

    Free and open to the public

    All in the area should attend! Mike "Spider" Webb is full of charming British charisma and sarcasm that makes him a thing to see. Come see the other 1/6th of Archigram, because it wasn't all just Peter Cook..


    • pzuro

      AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Damnit.

      AND the shigeru ban lecture.

      next thing i know mies is going to reincarnate and replace windeck and co.

      So i had Modern Arch History today, taught by fella with a BA in Advertising.

      welcome home i guess.

      BUT the fire is a burning HARD, get my site and program tomorrow.

      keep up the postings im quite interested to see how you make a site model out of a field on plaster plinths.

      Jan 17, 08 11:17 am  · 

      peter, i had a nightmare that we continued to build on that model, at 1/64th scale, AND it was all to be made out of plaster.

      but, glad to hear the fire's back.

      Jan 17, 08 3:01 pm  · 

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