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    044 - To update..

    By dedubs
    Feb 12, '08 10:13 PM EST

    Let me update you on what's been happening..

    The Michael Webb exhibition has just closed, for all that missed it, photos form the event are here. It was full of 2/6 of Archigram, (Webb, Crompton), Kent Kleinman, Lebbeus Woods, Mark Wigley, and a random assortment of others who chose not to speak up during the praise of Webb.

    Last semester ended wether we wanted it or not. Architectonics (first year studio) left little for me to desire. The group dynamics brought everyone to a stressful conflict, resulting in half-finished ideas and sloppy models. I hate to say it, but I was really ashamed of my work for the first time. You can see the pictures from the crits here.

    To see the second year crits from last semester, go here.

    But no worries! I promise things are getting better this semester, the projects are better (and individual..), and involve design and that free-spirited thinking and poetics that I actually came to Cooper for. Not to mention, Descriptive Geometry is the most kick-ass class I have had, and it always gets better.

    As a preview to this semester, our first two week project involved dissecting a certain poem and creating a spatial analogy that had some relationship to a tectonic quality. Here's a shot of one of my models..

    The student lecture series is still under wraps, so no announcements on that as of yet. However there is an Architectural League sponsored lecture up and coming..

    Current Work: Steven Holl
    Steven Holl Architects
    Thursday, February 21
    7:00 p.m.
    The Great Hall,
    The Cooper Union
    7 East 7th Street

    In other news, I've built a portfolio website over winter break to make that hip move into the future. Or perhaps I've missed it and online portfolios are no longer where it's at? Either way, check it out.. Not all of the areas have content, so be patient..


    • thanks for the update, danny. nice work.

      don't be too hard on yourself about the central park work. i don't know the brief, but all of the work looks good. while your project may not have been as sexy as that negative space curvy wood model (which is VERY sexy) all of the work looked like it was going after some interesting ideas. that's about the limit of my ability to make an opinion without knowing more what it was about...

      the portfolio is wonderfully simple. i hope it can stay that way. it's great just to click and be able to absorb the work without flashy jumpy web gadgets getting in the way.

      i've seen the box/spatial projects in your flickr stuff. gave me some ideas for a project that i might propose for high school students. we might not get results as sophisticated as yours, but it's certainly a project with potential. even beyond the project itself, i think the picture of yours above is beautiful on its own. perfectly expressive of what you've done.


      Feb 16, 08 7:32 am  · 

      Thanks for all the words Steven. The curvy wood (sexy) model was studying the various paths of Central Park and how they have a certain layering and ordering to them, while being anchored in specific sites within the park as almost a forced guide to these locations (in short). Our group's project started out with great potential and great ideas, but in the weeks of trying to produce work for seven people, with seven different opinions, it got kind of blurred and rushed towards the end.

      I appreciate the website critique. I am a sucker for simple, easy to use sites. I don't know if I can look at another website that involves any form of flash.

      And also, if you need anymore information on the cube project for your students, let me know.. I can type up the prompt we were given or explain some more.

      Feb 26, 08 12:52 am  · 

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