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    By dedubs
    Oct 20, '06 1:05 AM EST

    (Kent State University)

    My original intention for this blog was the freedom to express my thoughts, opinions, ideas, etc, etc, about my self, my work, and most importantly my college. I would keep the blog a secret from my peers, and not be influenced or worried about what I would put in here. I would not feel pressured to talk up the school or afraid to state its downfalls that I find.

    However, things have changed recently, and I have been approached by a series of people in the school asking me what it is I intend on doing. My plan didn't work as well, or as long as I hoped. I knew it would be found, but I didn't think it would be found and interpreted in this certain way.

    To reiterate, I recently published the first issue of our school's publication as seen in an earlier post. I had difficulties printing it, so I had to resort to things that may have not been appropriate at the time. I think a matter of things need to be understood to all who know me personally and read this. The matter has been resolved, relationships are now known and understood, and in the future things will be handled differently.

    However, I will not apologize for the content I put on this blog. This is a personal experiment, part of an even larger experiment. The chance to see how every architecture school you've ever wondered what the students are like. Unbiased (relatively) opinions and discussions from students all over the globe. What I write is for my own personal benefit and the reading of other archinecters. What I write is not to be taken outside of this website and handled with me as a student at the college. What I write in here will not affect the future of our newsletter or anything else.

    The original objective was for me to write without fear of having to submit to the college and suppress my beliefs, whatever they may be. What I want to be known is this: I love my school, I love everything about it. I do not write with the intention to undermine anyone or anything, but I still will continue to write whatever I feel, because that is the point of this blog.


    • notone-co

      Did you almost get kicked out of school or is this a gut reaction to some people in your class giving you a hard time?

      Oct 20, 06 8:22 am  · 

      i can't get too into details, but let's just say it was more than just students reacting to it.

      Oct 20, 06 9:02 am  · 
      vado retro

      well unless Danny Wills is a penname, I doubt that this blog was much of a secret...

      Oct 20, 06 9:54 am  · 

      fight the system!!!

      Oct 20, 06 10:39 am  · 

      vado, secret in the way that i would let them find it on their own rather than tellng anyone. but i guess it isn't too hard to find..

      Oct 20, 06 11:11 am  · 

      That's sad to hear. I don't see how they can regulate or restrict anything you put on here. Did they threaten you or something? It's the internet - say what you want!

      Oct 20, 06 5:18 pm  · 

      danny, in case your know it all professors read this and decide to grow a pair, you guys really suck. we are told time and time again - by those in positions of power - that independent thinking and creativity is required for the astute collegian, but of course when that criticism is directed to those espousing that highminded principal, they balk and threaten retailiation.

      you cowards. you liars.

      for those students weakend by your professors ability to wreck your gpa, get ready for the real world and the beginning of your compromised ethics.

      fucking assholes.

      Oct 20, 06 6:49 pm  · 

      hm, i was surprised that kent state had interesting/challenging students.

      though you don't come right out and say it, well if someone DID choose to censure you for posting here i would guess they don't really want you...would be more impressed if they encouraged you to go farther...cuz there is still lots of room for you to go nuts in...

      only thing i wonder is how your work or comments could be viewed as threatening enough to even require comment... sad.

      Oct 21, 06 3:24 am  · 

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