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    036 - Old Beginnings

    By dedubs
    Aug 26, '07 12:04 AM EST

    Tonight is my last night at my house, tomorrow I finish packing the rental mini-van and head towards the big apple, the city that never sleeps, et all... my new home for the next five years.

    Things I will miss: Wide open space, chinese buffets, county fairs, driving my rusty honda, queen size beds, taylor hall and all the professors in it, friends worth pulling all-nighters with, townies, the old abandoned mills, handle's ice cream (and all the midwestern only stores), my brother, sister, mother, father, and new sister, nice people and normal behavior, the trees, the fall, friends in general, tree-houses, jn/jc/rp, cedar point, and crickets.

    Things I am looking forward to: Motivated/talented colleagues, the MoMA, Brooklyn, Cooper Square, Trader Joe's, cooking on my own, living on my own, freedom of expression and the chance to discover what I can do, crazy people, talent and everyday inspiration, Lebbeus Woods, Michael Webb, David Gersten, good lectures, exploration, the Met, graffiti, and plenty more.


    • chad_c

      Congrats Danny!

      Why five years?

      Have fun - sounds like you're ready for the transition.

      Aug 27, 07 1:03 am  · 

      there are normal people and normal behaviours in nyc, they just get overshadowed by the phreaks + geeks.

      Aug 28, 07 1:52 am  · 

      walnut.. i've transferred to the Cooper Union for their 5 year program.

      Aug 31, 07 3:18 pm  · 

      Trader Joe's yes yes yes. Best of luck to you in New York.

      Sep 3, 07 2:45 am  · 

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