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  • 055 - In the year 2010

    By dedubs
    Jan 30, '11 5:53 PM EST

    Over the holidays I received an e-mail from a friend, pointing me to this article saying I was the third most popular blog in the year 2010. I thought to myself, did I even post anything in the year 2010? I logged on to Archinect and checked for myself, and I was close to being correct.. I only posted once, about our beloved Raimund Abraham's death, and then never touched it again.

    During that year Mark jumped on board and wrote about Cooper from the perspective of a guinea pig in the new Master's program. He became the sixth most popular blog. But now I think he has put the blog to rest, and in his wake has left me to once again feel guilty about not representing my school.

    So, without dwelling on why I never updated, or the reasoning I may have given to my absence, I will just pretend like there hasn't been almost a year and a half between posts about my studies.. and continue from where we last left off:

    Last year, we opened the semester with an exhibition tracing the history of architecture at Cooper from 1959, when Abraham Lincoln gave his famous speech on slavery in the Great Hall, to 2009, when 41 Cooper Sq. opened, the new academic building designed by Thom Mayne. Among original drawings, artifacts, and models, we were responsible for putting together an animation which documented the entire history of the historic Foundation Building, highlighting structural and programatic renovations, restorations, and additions to the building. In the end we created a document through Rhino which can trace each and every change in the building to make a living document able to show an architectural history of the building that no one has seen before.

    I was a student in the third year "comprehensive design" studio. We designed apartment buildings, museums, did analysis, built full size details, drew wall sections, learned about HVAC, designed a structural system and tested loads, kept the water out. And somehow we managed to keep a level of discussion about the ideas in our projects.

    I watched and documented some more reviews throughout the school during finals.

    Over the summer, I took a month off of work to ride my bike 1800 miles from Ohio to New Orleans, in what was maybe the most amazing experience of my life. It was intense.

    I worked at both Lyn Rice Architects and again at the Architecture Archive of the Cooper Union. At Rice's I built models, worked on presentation drawings, had happy hour one too many times.. at the Archive I (painstakingly) worked on building a model for the Paul Rudolph Lower Manhattan Expressway exhibition that documented the project in its entirety.

    I helped a friend install a sukkah in the middle of Union Square...

    Last semester we studied autonomies, through programs, structural components, and other components like entry and light through picking random elements out of a hat. Then we built 30'x30'x30' cubes which were eventually inserted into the urban fabric, with sites that we also chose from a hat. It sounds simple in description, but was one of the wildest semesters I've experienced.

    And finally (though I'm probably missing much more), I started this semester off in Advanced Descriptive Geometry with studying the curves of Unknown Pleasures. I tried to think of a witty title for the project, but all I could come up with was Unknown Measures.

    Until next time,

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  • 054 - Reflection and remembrance, with a strong sense of optimism.

    By dedubs
    Mar 5, '10 1:26 AM EST

    At this school, most final reviews happen in the lobby of the third floor of the Foundation Building, where several arteries of the school intersect and come in contact with one another. The square elevator, engaging in a conversation with the round elevator directly across the space, stands next... View full entry

  • 053 - "Architecture at Cooper: 1859-2009"

    By dedubs
    Oct 22, '09 8:57 AM EST

    This Friday at 6pm is the opening of an exhibition I've been helping with for the past four months. Cooper Union is 150 years old this semester, and to partially celebrate, an show tracing the history of architecture from its birth to present has been created. The show contains, among many things... View full entry

  • 052 - Old and New and On-going..

    By dedubs
    Sep 12, '09 6:03 PM EST

    This year I am finally entering my third year at Cooper, and it only took me four years to get there. As you might know, I used to go to Kent, but after the second year there I decided to transfer to Cooper. And what I wild ride it has been. If you know me personally, you may of noticed the change... View full entry

  • 051 - The End of the Year Show

    By dedubs
    May 25, '09 3:18 AM EST

    Please come see the work of the entire three schools this Tuesday starting at 5! It's going to be a great show. We've been working non-stop for the past week, 12 hours a day, pinning up drawings, fixing models, making bases, painting bases, re-painting bases, fixing drawings, plotting like crazy... View full entry

  • 050 - The end of second year (for the second time)

    By dedubs
    May 14, '09 1:09 AM EST

    OK OK, so I know it's been a long time since I've updated this.. and looking back to the other entries, I've introduced them all with a similar statement of apology. I find it easier to reflect on the past than comment on the present... Anyways. My fourth year of architecture schooling is... View full entry

  • 049 - If it ain't Baroque..

    By dedubs
    Nov 1, '08 1:30 PM EST

    There's a slight hesitation to post anymore blog entries when the entire incoming freshman class confronts me about the fact that they have read this, know everything about my studio career, and wait in anticipation for a new entry. Especially when they inform me that even their parents check it... View full entry

  • 048 - Summer (why is it always so fast?)

    By dedubs
    Aug 15, '08 11:46 PM EST

    Summer came, and summer went. In a flash. One of those flashes that burn your retinas leaving you with your arms flailing, head dizzy, and eyes attempting to regain any sense of orientation. It was the first summer in New York, and with an architectural education, that means it was my first time... View full entry

  • 047 - End of Year Show

    By dedubs
    May 26, '08 8:32 PM EST

    Tomorrow night (Tuesday) is the opening, at 5-9pm! Come and see all the hard work the architecture, art, and engineering students have done this year.. it took us a great deal of preparation for the exhibition.The Cooper Union End of Year Show Exhibition Tuesday, May 27, 5:00-9:00 pm, opening... View full entry

  • 046 - Storefront: On Mock-ups, Home Videos and Housekeeping: a video exhibition in 3 parts

    By dedubs
    Mar 21, '08 2:01 AM EST

    The first opening reception is this Tuesday, March 25th, 6:30 pm. Come. It looks like a grand exhibit.Storefront for Art and ArchitectureOn Mock-ups, Home Videos and Housekeeping: a video exhibition in 3 parts Mar 25 2008 - May 3 20081- Mock-Ups in Close-Up March 25 2008 - April... View full entry

  • 045 -

    By dedubs
    Feb 26, '08 12:44 AM EST

    The past few days I've been seeing the envelopes, the green and white striped edges. They've been flowing into the school, one by one. The talent, the energy, the creativity.. Good luck to all who applied! Sorry if I haven't responded back to some e-mails regarding help with Cooper and the home... View full entry

  • 044 - To update..

    By dedubs
    Feb 12, '08 10:13 PM EST

    Let me update you on what's been happening.. The Michael Webb exhibition has just closed, for all that missed it, photos form the event are here. It was full of 2/6 of Archigram, (Webb, Crompton), Kent Kleinman, Lebbeus Woods, Mark Wigley, and a random assortment of others who chose not to speak... View full entry

  • 043 - Michael Webb Exhibition

    By dedubs
    Jan 15, '08 3:14 PM EST

    TWO JOURNEYS Works by Michael Webb Spring 2008 Robert Gwathmey Chair in Architecture and Art This exhibition is dedicated to the twenty-six first year students at The Cooper Union in Professor Webb’s charge. Having spent the fall 2007 semester learning, through their drawings, who they are... View full entry

  • 042 -

    By dedubs
    Nov 30, '07 1:49 AM EST

    What happened to the fire that used to burn, that unquenchable thirst, that love dare I say? Where has it gone? View full entry

  • 041 - Central Park, in textures

    By dedubs
    Nov 16, '07 10:36 AM EST

  • 040 - Bruce Mau at Kent

    By dedubs
    Nov 8, '07 1:18 AM EST

    So I'm flying back to Kent this coming Tuesday to attend the Bruce Mau lecture.. if anyone is in the Cleveland/Akron/Youngstown area, I would definitely recommend attending. Me and a few friends have been working with the Dean for about a year to put this lecture series together, and I felt it... View full entry

  • 039 - Analysis, analysis, analysis

    By dedubs
    Nov 2, '07 12:42 PM EST

    It's hard to sum up one's experience of seven weeks into a few paragraphs for everyone to read. I'll try instead with a few sentences and pictures. It's odd here at Cooper. There is so much analysis, so little design and creativity that it's starting to bother me. Sure analysis is great and all... View full entry

  • 038 - The Cooper Union

    By dedubs
    Oct 4, '07 1:08 AM EST

    So I've been neglecting these duties as blogger, but here I am to update you on school thus far. If you aren't caught up, here's what you missed. I have transfered from Kent State University (hence my school name at the bottom), to The Cooper Union in New York. Unfortunately, and to much factors... View full entry

  • 037 - 10th floor

    By dedubs
    Aug 31, '07 3:16 PM EST

    I don't know why I'm still writing in the KSU blog, but anyways. The view from my room.. It's beautiful here. The people are inspiring, creative, and completely unpretentious. Will update with more once school actually starts.. but for now I will enjoy my four day weekend, the calm before the storm. View full entry

  • 036 - Old Beginnings

    By dedubs
    Aug 26, '07 12:04 AM EST

    Tonight is my last night at my house, tomorrow I finish packing the rental mini-van and head towards the big apple, the city that never sleeps, et all... my new home for the next five years. Things I will miss: Wide open space, chinese buffets, county fairs, driving my rusty honda, queen size... View full entry

  • 035 - The Akron Art Museum by Coop Himmelb(l)au

    By dedubs
    Jul 31, '07 8:51 PM EST

    So you may have seen this news item recently. If you haven't (well, go read it) The Akron Art Museum finally opened a few weeks ago after about 2-3 years in construction. You may remember my construction photos from my blog entry from way back when. I'm not going to give much opinion on the... View full entry

  • 034 - Toronto street art

    By dedubs
    Jul 25, '07 8:57 PM EST

    The rent-a-cop approached us, attitude in hand. "What are you doing around these parts? You know the minimum fine if you get caught painting this crap is $3500?" "Yes, officer.. we know. We're just photographing and admiring it." "Admiring it? This shit? Why?" Shit...? Really? View full entry

  • 033 - Highschool all over again..

    By dedubs
    Jul 7, '07 5:01 PM EST

    So this whole transfer thing is really starting to turn into a nightmare.. Reapplying for loans, fasfa, medical forms, applications, more forms, trying to get a dorm/apartment in nyc, class schedules/registrations, the list goes on. Now I get a letter informing me of the transfer procedure, in all... View full entry

  • 032 - Wedding gift/Ring box

    By dedubs
    Jun 28, '07 7:59 PM EST

    So for my brother's wedding present, I didn't want to resort to buying something unoriginal off of some bridal registry at bath and body works. I wanted to try to create something for them that would be useful but not one of those "oh, well he made it.. so we HAVE to keep it (even though we think... View full entry

  • 031 - The good, the bad... and the ROM

    By dedubs
    Jun 16, '07 11:54 AM EST

    So in the midst of all this Libeskind bashing, I thought I might contribute my part to the hazing. Last weekend, I made a visit to Toronto to visit a friend from school. We decided to go see the brand new Royal Ontario Museum, fresh from being opened no later than a week earlier. Good thing it was... View full entry

  • 030 - Procrastination at its finest

    By dedubs
    Jun 6, '07 7:48 PM EST

    So after almost a year of pushing it off due to the hatred of printer/scanner technology, I have finally scanned and posted my pictures from last summer's visit to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Check em out on my flickr, here and here. Be warned if you're not a fan of Thom Mayne or FOG.. they... View full entry

  • 029 - I bring some news..

    By dedubs
    Apr 22, '07 6:30 PM EST

    (Kent State University) It may be somewhat apparent that my posting habits have decreased as compared to last semester. I have no excuses as to why, aside from the usual “I am too busy” line that I’ve been using frequently. It has been my pleasure to project my experiences at... View full entry

  • 028 - Skin Deep, student work exhibition

    By dedubs
    Mar 17, '07 12:57 PM EST

    (Kent State University) It's been a stress-filled, busy, yet exciting past week. Like I mentioned before, I was chosen to have my work exhibited in a gallery in Cleveland. Yesterday was the opening reception, with a great turnout of people. To explain the show in better terms, I'll just c&p... View full entry

  • 027 - Catch-up

    By dedubs
    Mar 8, '07 12:38 AM EST

    (Kent State University) Sorry for the lack of updates (mostly project-specific) as of late.. things have been very busy throughout the school. I guess I'll just give a quick run through of everything that's been going on.. 3 of the 4 spring design lectures have passed. M1/DTW was fun to see, with... View full entry

  • 026 - Spring Design Lecture Series - 01: M1/DTW

    By dedubs
    Feb 19, '07 4:06 PM EST

    (Kent State University)larger The man who controls everyone on Archinect through his immensly popular t-shirt. I even finally bought it for the occasion. You should come, it will be grand. View full entry

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