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    035 - The Akron Art Museum by Coop Himmelb(l)au

    By dedubs
    Jul 31, '07 8:51 PM EST

    So you may have seen this news item recently. If you haven't (well, go read it) The Akron Art Museum finally opened a few weeks ago after about 2-3 years in construction. You may remember my construction photos from my blog entry from way back when. I'm not going to give much opinion on the building as for now but I did quite enjoy it, much better than this disaster. It has received good reviews from most, and the only negative comments relate to the galleries and their lack of sunlight and its general plainness. I thought the galleries were fine, they were nothing like the amazing lobby, but I felt that was the point. Let the art speak for itself.. don't let it get confused with the crazy architecture.

    Anyways, some quick highlights. Check it all out in my flickr.


    • thanks for the pictures danny. i think the building looks great, and would love to see it the next time i'm in far of a drive is this from columbus? i attended a lecture by one of the himmelblau guys on this project. from what i remember, the separation & plainness of the exhibit box was at the request of the client for the purpose of very specific lighting and climate control. the separation also allows for the lobby to double up as a public meeting/event area at night. from a more technical aspect, there was a lot of concern about how the cantilevers will handle snow and ice during the winter. i guess we'll see what happens in a few months.

      Aug 1, 07 11:31 am  · 

      dot, you're exactly right.. and it does exactly that. the lobby is a fantastic place to have a public event area. I believe some of the cantilevers have already had snow on them this past winter, and there were no problems. I'm just interested to see how snow affects the glass..

      If you're in Columbus, Akron is probably about 2 hours away, Cleveland 3. It's worth the drive if you're willing to take it.. Akron is a pretty nice city, home of the goodyear rubber factory, goodyear blimps, etc.. oh, and the black keys!

      Aug 1, 07 12:09 pm  · 

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