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    020 - presents!

    By dedubs
    Dec 26, '06 7:11 PM EST

    (Kent State University)

    So here's what Santa brought me.. what did he bring you?

    -Young Architects 6: If...Then: Architectural Speculation

    -Crib Sheets: Notes on Contemporary Architectural Conversation


    -Andrew Bird concert tickets

    -..and this beauty


    • vado retro

      ...but what did you give?

      Dec 27, 06 1:29 pm

      i got a wells fargo card with $200 dollars in it from my boss...he didn't have to, really...

      Dec 28, 06 12:02 am

      andrew bird!

      Jan 4, 07 8:54 pm

      !!! i love him. glad to find another fan!

      Jan 4, 07 9:26 pm

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