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    034 - Toronto street art

    By dedubs
    Jul 25, '07 8:57 PM EST

    The rent-a-cop approached us, attitude in hand.
    "What are you doing around these parts? You know the minimum fine if you get caught painting this crap is $3500?"

    "Yes, officer.. we know. We're just photographing and admiring it."

    "Admiring it? This shit? Why?"

    Shit...? Really?


    • beautiful...

      Jul 25, 07 9:36 pm  · 

      are those scanned polaroids? or some software to make them appear that way? i think they format nicely on your blogpage...the art is nice too, but i must say the street art in atlanta is pretty amazing as well. i'll have to post some pictures.

      Jul 25, 07 9:50 pm  · 

      they're scanned polaroids, dot. and thanks. you too q.

      Jul 25, 07 11:15 pm  · 

      awesome ;)

      Jul 26, 07 11:23 am  · 

      queen st. west??

      Jul 26, 07 7:37 pm  · 

      yes, you are correct.

      Jul 26, 07 7:43 pm  · 

      very nice.

      i have to admit i like work more along lines of banksy. it goes beyond style and making statement by taggin with flash graphic design...

      Jul 28, 07 1:20 am  · 
      Greg J. Smith

      I'm far less interested in Bansky. His stunts are great, but nothing beats a puzzle box of interlocking isometric text on a brick wall.

      Nice pictures.. Next time you are in TO check out underneath the lansdowne bridge.

      Jul 29, 07 2:33 am  · 

      I'm down with the abstraction here, Bansky you don't even need to see to get, just have someone describe it to you: 'well, there's a crack in the West Bank security wall, and you see blue sky through it ...'

      This is a great set of photos.

      Jul 29, 07 3:37 pm  · 

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