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    019 - It never stops..

    By dedubs
    Dec 18, '06 9:36 PM EST

    (Kent State University)

    Ah, I can finally breathe. Sorry for the recent lack of posts, but school has been tough lately. Final projects, reviews, tests, tests, tests, Christmas parties, organizing a job fair, finishing our publication, drawing I final, sleep, Christmas shopping, sleep, etc, etc, etc. So let me catch you up to speed.

    As I said before, we had reviewers from all over the place come for the week of juries. Here’s the poster to get an idea of who came…


    I had Lori Brown from Syracuse as my juror, which I would have to say after watching most of the reviews was my favorite. Not only because she was my juror, but because she had the most content filled discussions. Actual, useful, constructive criticism. Most reviews I normally see are very dissatisfying in the fact that the juror just finds a small problem in a project to talk about it, highlights that little problem, talks about it for ages, then attempts to show off by recommending something that has nothing whatsoever to do with the project.

    As per my individual review, I think it went very well. Lori had some good things to say about it, and I felt for the fist time that my review was more of a discussion than a critique of no use. The only main problem (if you can call it that) she had with my row house is that I accepted the placement of my rooms without challenging where they should go. I agree that I may of based where the bedrooms/bathrooms/kitchen/dining/etc went based on preconceptions and precedent studies, but at the same time I felt that as you ascend through the house, it becomes more private (hence why I placed bedrooms on the top, and the public volumes on the bottom). Lori thought I should of switched them, because the guests couldn’t get much of this unique experience of this circulation web with where I had them. Everyone also agreed that my prelim model was better than the final… due to the sterile qualities of the craft. A backhanded compliment? Good craft is bad? I agree though, the prelim had some qualities about it that were lost in the final.

    So pictures of my final, along with random pictures from the week of reviews.

    …anyone know a good way to glue plexiglass together? I made the awesome decision to spend two straight days building my base out of plexi, spend over $50 for it, and have it just turn out to look awful. I could of spent a couple hours, spent about $3, and have it turn out looking good. But I thought it would look cool.


    Batteries died, so I didn't get as many as I wished to. Sorry also for the shaky hand.


    And one more... my Drawing I class final. Self-portrait with self-object. Is it bad that I had a hard time deciding if there are any objects that “define” me as a person? All I could originally think of were studio tools.



    • Francisco David Boira

      J3 is gonna love your hand drawings!
      BTW: Nice selp P!!

      Dec 18, 06 10:55 pm  · 

      Nice hand drawings.

      Dec 19, 06 6:23 pm  · 
      J3 it's only taken me 3 weeks to see this...
      Those are great drawings + cip. models. Is this common at Kent? or are you the one-off person doing this?

      Jan 2, 07 6:33 pm  · 

      thanks for all the compliments.
      to answer your question J3, hand-drawing and well crafted models are pushed to the extreme 1st and 2nd years. after that, it becomes a mix between what the teacher requires and what you as an individual want to do.
      a lot of students tend to keep hand-drawing in their arsenal of presentation methods the whole way through. before i even applied to the school, i heard Kent was a big advocate of hand-drawing. the firm i work at uses hand-drawing in almost everything they do, which i love!

      J3, why did Boira say you would love the hand-drawings, if i may ask?

      Jan 2, 07 6:43 pm  · 

      Boira and I have been good friends a long time, and I've been known to produce a few decent hand drawings in my time...He knows I have a weak spot for this talent, seeing that most of the young staff we hire have none (all digital). + most of my work at Virginia Tech's WAAC under Marco Frascari were executed in this method...with a little photoshop/illustrator/print-press involved.
      Sr.Boira is also being very modest...he can also produce beautiful pencil drawings, a talent he learned while working for Enric Miralles.

      Jan 4, 07 7:34 am  · 

      looked amazing
      i like the selfportrait, lol @ thinking of self-defining studio tools, i agree
      plus i looked at that flyer, and one of my prof [andrea simitch] was at your school but she was doing thesis reviews ; P

      Jan 4, 07 9:00 pm  · 

      BTW for plexi, you use chloroform and and a syringe, put your pieces together and dribble a little out, it will run along the edge by osmosis. Hold in place for a while. Just remember to keep tissues handy to keep it clean. Done correctly the connected edges will be clear and pretty. Certain brands of clear white liquid crazy glue also work (replacing the bottle mouth with a syringe needle), with the drawback of it fogging up the plexiglass if you use too much or are building a closed structure. Remedy for that is to use a blowtorch and kinda heat the foggy portions, it'll clear up the fog.

      Jan 5, 07 1:50 am  · 

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