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    028 - Skin Deep, student work exhibition

    By dedubs
    Mar 17, '07 12:57 PM EST

    (Kent State University)

    It's been a stress-filled, busy, yet exciting past week.

    Like I mentioned before, I was chosen to have my work exhibited in a gallery in Cleveland. Yesterday was the opening reception, with a great turnout of people. To explain the show in better terms, I'll just c&p the poster text..

    "This is the inaugural event in a series of architecture and design exhibits showcasing work from in-and-around Kent State University’s College of Architecture and Environmental Design at prominent Cleveland gallery 1point618.

    Skin Deep collects recently completed student work that explores issues of ornament, surface effects, and superficiality in architecture. Ellis Woodman of the London Telegraph recently proclaimed “2006 was the year that saw decoration back on the architectural agenda.” However, no longer simply appliqué, a new conception of ornament establishes its connections with architecture’s seemingly pragmatic attributes such as function or structure, producing new spatial and atmospheric effects. The work presented in Skin Deep speculates on this expanded definition of ornament.

    This exhibition series, curated by KSU CAED instructor Marc Manack (director, SILO AR+D / associate, robert maschke ARCHITECTS inc.), situates locally produced work in the context of global contemporary architectural discourse."

    Installation, with our images projecting on the faces below..




    Student Work:

    Julie Whyte

    Chad Ramkey




    Anthony Pagliaroli

    Steven Bell

    Lindsay Reed/Michael Abrahamson


    Vincent Rosato

    looking up..

    fabrication photos:



    I've now sworn to say no to any new extracurriculars the rest of this semester. I need to focus on school work... the student newsletters, career fairs, organzations, poster designs, exhibitions, etc etc have killed my studio work. Despite my lack of school work, our theory class was apparantly the best class our professor has ever had in his career of teaching. That's pretty good to hear, I'd say.


    • Arnaud M.

      Nice job.

      I know how it feels. Now that you've accomplished something extra-curricular, it's time to get back to work...

      It []was[/url] a great experience for me and it's a good thing to have that in your portfolio/cv.

      Mar 17, 07 1:31 pm

      that show looked pretty good. it was indeed a great experience, but it killed my studio work which threw off my momentum. now, though, i don't have anything else to do but studio.. hopefully it comes back.

      Mar 17, 07 7:30 pm

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