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  • my eventful past two weeks...

    By John Tubles
    Jun 24, '10 6:32 AM EST

    Looking out in my balcony and wondering who the hell turned the “crap-weather” switch on in here Japan? Because in the past two weeks or so the weather here is gradually turning to shits, it has been humid, sticky, damped, hot with the occasional light rain that last for hours&hellip... View full entry


    By John Tubles
    May 30, '10 9:12 PM EST

    Well I decided to do something productive while taking a break from my scholarly duties [i just felt like a douche calling my work scholarly duties...hahaha] so thats why I'm blogging right now instead of watching mindless but hilarious youtube viral videos... "who else seen a leprechaun say... View full entry

  • Back in Japan!

    By John Tubles
    May 24, '10 2:08 AM EST

    Well, it’s been a week since I came back to from recent trip to china but it was also a week catching up since I missed some classes… which I haven’t even talked about in this blog… In 2nd and last semester in Kyushu University, I chose to take classes on the various... View full entry

  • Expo Day 02...and last...

    By John Tubles
    May 15, '10 1:46 AM EST

    This day started in a good way... because from a tip i got from my a man I met yesterday... If your going to enter the expo on the side where the nations pavillions are use gate no. 8 the one closest to the americas area... And arrive at around 9:30... if you do that, it will only take you 10 mins... View full entry

  • Shanghai World Expo 2010 Day 01

    By John Tubles
    May 12, '10 2:07 AM EST

    Expo 2010 day 1... Looking back... The day started with some pretty funny misfortunes... I almost got ran over by a moped while crossing the street legally... Then I exited the subway a little early so i ended up entering the expo at gate 5, the one closest to the china pavillion so its generally... View full entry

  • Xian...

    By John Tubles
    May 10, '10 5:32 AM EST

    As i selfishly pressed my head on the airplane window like a 5yr old... one thing that i notice is that xian is like an oasis in an arrid desert... Literally... I think its uncharacteristically hot right now in the shianxi province which dried up most of the land but the city of xian remained... View full entry

  • last day in beijing....whew...

    By John Tubles
    May 5, '10 9:14 AM EST

    i almost missed writing a blog while im in beijing... mini post from beijing.... Since internet is limited here i will do a quick one.. Btw i did not think that i would spend some time in a starbucks eating a dry blueberry muffin(the cheapest thing they have)... After hong kong i flew to beijing... View full entry

  • oh oh i'm not in japan anymore...

    By John Tubles
    Apr 29, '10 8:10 PM EST

    (LOUD NOISES!!!!) this is the first thing that ive noticed since i boarded my plane coming from my stop over in taiwan... little did i know that this plane ride would be an acurate comparison of hong kong, a city that i know very little about... Like my plane ride Hong Kong is loud... Yeah i... View full entry

  • uhmmmm... hello again...

    By John Tubles
    Apr 23, '10 11:17 AM EST

    I know its getting old but it seems like every time I start my blog, I start it with Im sorry ok this will change. I swear I promise at least once a week blog each week whats the sudden change you ask well its spring now in Japan and the Cherry Blossom season just passed which means new beginnings... View full entry

  • re-writing architecture history...

    By John Tubles
    Feb 21, '10 9:08 AM EST

    ...or atleast translating it. So I just came back from a meeting and I was given an incredible opportunity to translate the research work of my japanese professor in english which will be published by fall this year... I cant really talk much about it other than it is about a very important... View full entry

  • postcard from around Japan…

    By John Tubles
    Jan 20, '10 11:33 PM EST

    Hi guys… saying I’ve been away is an understatement….. so once again I’m sorry… so this past holiday I went on a little trip with my friends to Osaka, Tokyo and Nagano… and ill share you some of the photos… GLUTTONY is the only word to describe the... View full entry

  • gomen nasai.... its been a while

    By John Tubles
    Dec 7, '09 10:42 AM EST

    hi Archinect Readers... sorry its been a while... with new projects and various field works ive been really busy... but since i finally got internet in my room i can blog more frequently.. so its been a couple weeks since i last blogged so many things happened so this will be more photo oriented... View full entry

  • 2 servings of humiliation + a side of trip

    By John Tubles
    Nov 8, '09 11:52 PM EST

    So this past week I had an amazing trip sandwiched between two presentations… I guess I will talk about the presentations firsts… First serving of humiliation… Thursday was the day I presented my “Design for Play Project” for my Industrial Design Class…I... View full entry

  • day 31...

    By John Tubles
    Oct 30, '09 8:42 PM EST

    Woke up today and I just realized that it is my 31st day in Fukuoka, Japan… View full entry

  • I’m in Mother F*cking Japan!!!

    By John Tubles
    Oct 18, '09 6:58 PM EST

    …ok ok I know it’s a little crude and unnecessary but no other words can sum up the experiences I had in these past few days… Thursday, 10.15.09 “ahh… so desu… now I get it... and I’m in Mother F*cking Japan!” …I participated in the... View full entry

  • week two!

    By John Tubles
    Oct 13, '09 7:51 PM EST

    Week two came and went fairly quick. Last Tuesday we opened signed up for an alien registration card and health insurance… the process was fairly quick in comparison to CA DMV. Then we signed up for a bank account. This was much harder than the papers we filled-up. I found that there is a... View full entry

  • 9 mosquito bites and counting…

    By John Tubles
    Oct 5, '09 8:04 AM EST

    Day 5 in Nihon is about to end and today in general was an interesting experience… First thing in the morning, I went to take a placement test for my Nihongo Class and frankly that was brutal… I completely bombed the entire thing because I tried to take the test for people that have... View full entry

  • Im in japan!!!!

    By John Tubles
    Oct 3, '09 8:03 PM EST

    Today marks the beginning of my fourth day in Nihon… the past two days have been very busy because of countless paper works and school. I arrived in Fukuoka last Thursday. As our plane pulled into the terminal we were immediately welcomed by the airport crew by bowing from tarmac… I... View full entry

  • today is good day... let me scratch that... today is a GREAT day!

    By John Tubles
    Sep 4, '09 6:10 PM EST

    19 days to go… less than three weeks before I leave L.A. to Taipei and eventually to Fukuoka, Japan. This week has been pretty exciting last Tuesday we finally got our certificate of eligibility which enabled us to apply for our Japanese Student visa the next day... We were told that our... View full entry

  • CPP...represent! [peace]

    By John Tubles
    Aug 22, '09 12:07 AM EST

    …so I went back to p-town (Pomona) today to have a going away lunch with friends that are leaving to different study abroad programs… I don’t want to sound like a little b*tch but it is a bit sad... not seeing my crazy peeps for a year. Oh well, I still have a month here in... View full entry

  • Saturdays with Neutra... Neutra VDL House that is...

    By John Tubles
    Aug 17, '09 5:35 PM EST

    Last Saturday, my cell phone interrupted my pleasant dream (…of god knows what…) with its constant vibration and high pitched ring… after hitting the snooze button five times, I guess it means that it is time to wake up. I begrudgingly got out of the covers… c’mon... View full entry

  • how do you say... say what!?!

    By John Tubles
    Aug 14, '09 9:47 PM EST

    Hi again folks… my one year adventure in Japan is fast approaching and I’m starting to feel a little bit unprepared. No panic or hysteria in my part but I have been having dreams about being in Japan and not being able to communicate properly. I was hanging out with my Japanese friend... View full entry

  • ihola archinect!

    By John Tubles
    Aug 7, '09 6:53 AM EST

    Well it just seems to be fair for readers to get to know me first before reading my postings... well, here’s me in a nut shell…. My full name is John Martin L. Tubles. I was born and raised in the Philippines. My parents moved to America when I was 14 and shortly after… well... View full entry

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