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    Thesis Part 1: The Site

    By John Tubles
    Jan 10, '11 4:10 AM EST

    [like i said before, i will post in different series some information that i gathered from my thesis research]

    Site: Navotas Public Cemetery
    Navotas City, Philippines

    Navotas Public Cemetery is a 1.5 Hectare (161,000 sq ft) burial facility that is now owned and managed by the Navotas City Local Government. The history of this cemetery is not entirely definite but according to Manong Edwin, a 52 year old tomb maker, his grandfather was one of the first people that worked and eventually lived in the Cemetery… making this site about a century old.


    Throughout the years the size of the cemetery did not changed but it's use steadily increased. And for years now, this cemetery had reached its full capacity. There is an average of about 12 burials happening in this cemetery each day. And in order to meet the demand for burial spaces they practice ways that I believe is unique to the Philippines.


    Besides the unusual burial practices, this cemetery also hosts an actively growing population… People in neighboring slums area has started to infiltrate the cemetery. As of 2007, there are about 6000 informal settlers that reside in this cemetery. Some of these people live and work here. But most of the time these settlers are residing in this cemetery as a last resort from living in the streets which they believe is more scary and dangerous.



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    • Jhon Steve

      Lots of new things I came to know from these photographs. Nicely presented. Particularly the last one of Lisa.

      Jan 10, 11 4:49 pm  · 

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