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    gomen nasai.... its been a while

    By John Tubles
    Dec 7, '09 10:42 AM EST

    hi Archinect Readers...

    sorry its been a while... with new projects and various field works ive been really busy... but since i finally got internet in my room i can blog more frequently..

    so its been a couple weeks since i last blogged so many things happened so this will be more photo oriented, show and tell kind of a blog entry...

    first up is miyazaki it was the former honeymoon capital of japan... we went here for an architecture lecture of iwakiri san... my sensei's really good friend... i met many interesting artists from all over the town...
    image miyazaki i learned that even a plain-ole' table can be and it is considered as a comunity area... this man is waiting for his friends to chit chat on how the day has been...

    fall is here!!!

    some new years of preparation

    ...while in shimonoseki we measured and drafted some sections of a shrine, house and temple... its been a while since i hand drafted and i had to do it in metric... it was very interesting to say the least... makes me wonder why americans stuck with the imperials when they had the chance to change it a couple of decades ago...

    joined a japanese school fair where we sold in&out's animal style burger... because were from america... i wanted to make something else buth oh well...

    ...fell of a bike for unkown reasons...hahahaha...

    after an all-nighter at school i took a train during rush hour...

    went to karatsu and saw an interesting tea house that is in severe disrepair and will get demolished without my sensei's approval....

    had a couple of drinks with kuma san [man in the blue shirt], he is a japanese t.v. script writer and the rest of my lab...very interesting man...

    saw a traditional japanese limestone factory in kagawa...

    after that i ate shamu two ways!!!

    ...then attended a local show in a hipster cafe... it was my friend's sibling's trio, they play a fusion of japanse folk and irish music... it was amazing...

    in tsukumi...after a long day of fieldwork/researching... i learned how cut/cook maguro

    researched about an obscure japanese vernacular achitecture called mikan goyas which literally means orange house...
    image this past two months i have been here in fukuoka, i managed to visit all the prefectures of kyushu, except for okinawa and participated in many architecture+culture fieldworks that is crazy fun and interesting!

    ...thank you very much to all the peeps that made this japan trip possible...

    dooooooooooooooomo arigato gozaimasu!

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