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    Why can't it be a spork???

    By John Tubles
    Feb 1, '11 6:22 PM EST

    Oh sh*t… Oh sh*t… Oh sh*t…

    That may not be a good opening but that is what I am feeling right now… I just finished my weekly thesis meeting with my adviser and pretty much he said that I might be digging my own grave (no pun intended) in my Cemetery/Crematorium/Housing Project… Not because he hated my project but he thinks I would need more time and more research in order to build the project that I intend to have… He advised me go forth in what I am passionate about and follow it but make sure to have a Plan B for when the sh*t hits the fan.

    He also suggested that my thesis proposal is more appropriate for graduate studies because of its complexities and put the social, community building part of my project on the back seat and focus on technical side of architecture.

    I completely understand my adviser’s concerns… And In the end I need to produce something that would be able to fulfill the technical requirements my university (Cal Poly Pomona) needs for a B.Arch degree… Then again being a student, this feels like the perfect time to experiment on architectural ideas and explore different theories…

    For the people who are reading this How do you know when it is the right time to step back and just settle? Because from the get go I been dealing with my thesis as an evolutionary process rather than working on a pre-conceived end product.

    … I am giving myself two weeks to complete most if not all the deliverables for this quarter in order for me to have more time exploring… I know it won’t be easy… In the end I will have to make my own decision, like a hiker that comes to a fork in a road…

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    • Lian Chikako Chang

      Oboy! Good luck!

      Feb 4, 11 11:07 am  · 

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