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    @osbornarchitects #thankful

    By John Tubles
    Jun 18, '12 4:42 AM EST

    Friday was my last day at work and since then I am still struggling to write a mass "goodbye" letter to my colleagues.. Partly because I trying to devise something clever and poignant to say without being cheesy and partly because I honestly believe that... (cue in the cheese ball factor)... "its not a goodbye because our paths will cross again". Then again just to put it plainly I also suck at it too... So this blog post might be directly for my co-workers but please feel free to read it.. I just want everybody to know how #thankful I am for this experience.

    Dear Osbornians,
    First of all I am really grateful for the  opportunity to work alongside every single one of you. This was my first job post graduation and I felt very privileged to be part of your team.  I am very grateful for all the responsibilities you all have given me. To be quite honest in the beginning I was a bit freaked out about the amount of authorship Osbornians get on their projects... especially in designing schools for real people (+ lil children!) and not just some vague, architecture school idea of what a "building user" is. 

    No matter how tired/stressed I looked, I really did enjoy the late nights and sacrificed weekends in exchange of getting more involved with the projects and learning more about the practice.  Of course I can recall some instances when multiple alarms were snoozed off and I got to work an hour later than usual and you guys did not say anything, thank you.

    I am sorry for my "creative clutter" aka messy desk and my sometimes unconscious singing episodes when random songs play out.  I am also very sorry some accidental curse words that were said  when I am unaware of you approaching me... I am normally not jumpy but a combination of intense work concentration + headphones + copious amount of coffee = Johnscaredy McTourettes.

    I truly learned a lot from every single one of you and I am really grateful for everything.

    -John Tubles

    i know we haven't heard it in a while but please delete the 1998 party music playlist (Andrew knows what I am talking about and remove really inappropriate songs on like Enrique Iglesias'  duurrrrrrrtay version (yup, not just dirty) of Tonight (I'm f*cking you) hahhahaha... but then again whenever I hear that song, it will forever remind me of Osborn.

    I took a couple of postcards that we have in the front as a souvenir... so even more thank you!
    Picture time!

    >>daily hour or so commute from Long Beach>>Glendale

    >>inside osborn []

    >> my crazy cubby buddy []

    >>longer nights = more drinks

    >>untimely computer troubles, thank you sooo much Richard!

    >>end result of a random office chain mail..Hotdog Spaghetti c/o Dawn Brisco

    >>Lobby Installation

    >>"see change" at LAX with handbuilt studio []

    >>yellow! at LAUSD's CRES#22

    >>fun times with osbornians 

         >> happy hour for "the puppies"

        >>bowling for lunch

        >>thank you BBQ!

    >> Last night at Osborn.

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