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    warning: do not read... this entry is stupid and pointless...

    By John Tubles
    Jul 22, '10 9:46 AM EST

    Its July 22, 2010, 9:14 pm…

    It has been 9 months, 22days, 9hours and 52 minutes since my plane landed here in Fukuoka, Japan… and I have something to say… I have cracked… I NEED A BREAK! I am not having a nervous breakdown or anything… So don’t worry… [then again I know that this blog is not going support the previews statement] But yeah I made a bad mistake of taking on too many things…There is no one else to blame here other than myself. Besides my obvious problem of saying the notorious n-word “NO”, I am also leaving Japan in less than two months… so I guess I feel that I should take advantage of any opportunity that comes my way here in Japan… may that be going out with new friends, working on little simple projects that seemed fun and interesting at first but turns out to be a real time hog, to all the classes that I am taking this semester… thank God though that next week is the last week of school… YES!!!

    Physically I’m ok...or at least I think I am, but mentally is another story… I desperately need a mental break… I’ve always got (forgive me with this word…) shit inside my head… like preparing for some field works this summer that I’m suppose to support while being extremely ill-informed, to finding a place to stay when I go back to school in America… thinking of the future plans after graduation, if I graduate on-time [it all depends on how much credit I get with my year in Japan]…. My creativity feels drained too… I have this project that I cannot seem to focus on… I don’t feel inspired to work… maybe because my mind is too busy thinking about something else….

    So yeah… I tried distracting myself with watching mindless funny movies but it didn’t help… I watched Cool Runnings and didn’t enjoy it… so I was thinking what’s wrong with me… I have enjoyed this movie since I was a kid… How can I not enjoy watching Doug E. Doug+egg and company re-enact what the first Jamaican Olympic Bobsled team’s ordeals and triumphs accurately… or at least in according to Disney’s eyes… I felt lame…

    Not to mention the current unbelievably crap-tastic summer climate here in Japan… Its constantly hot and humid… oh and before I forget I cannot enjoy the one thing I like to do the most during summer time… laying down under a shady tree… why you may ask… It is because I refuse to serve myself as a feast for those blood hungry mosquitoes… [you know in a group… there is always that one person that always gets bitten by the mosquitoes… Well I am that person…] I’m more than just a piece of meat, God-damn-it!

    Anyways I am NOT writing this blog because I am miserable here Japan, actually it is quite the opposite, but rather verbally express my rants so I could be more productive and less distracted in the couple of days… its normal to vent off on random people I don’t know in the interwebs right?

    So first I would like to apologize for the people that bothered reading this [then again I warned you]… I think I am just going to end the night early… Oh how I long for some “Hermit-Days”... but sadly this weekend is going to be a busy one… I might also stay offline more just so I can get back to my usual groove..

    Wish me luck…. or much needed sanity…

    so I guess goodbye for now…


    • sarah123

      Hang in there. You only have a week more to go.

      Jul 22, 10 11:34 am  · 
      its normal to vent off on random people I don’t know in the interwebs right?

      I'm glad I could be of some use.
      Jul 22, 10 11:59 am  · 


      Jul 29, 10 11:14 pm  · 

      Chill in San Francisco - 58 degrees, cloudy, foggy - great architecture and great firms - for the most part anyway, and many places to Chill
      I work for 2 Japanese architects - very methodical people.

      Aug 8, 10 5:25 pm  · 

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