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    Back in Japan!

    By John Tubles
    May 24, '10 2:08 AM EST

    Well, it’s been a week since I came back to from recent trip to china but it was also a week catching up since I missed some classes… which I haven’t even talked about in this blog…

    In 2nd and last semester in Kyushu University, I chose to take classes on the various fields of design.
    On Mondays:
    History of Design Class – this seems boring when the course description was translated in English but to my surprise the lecture part is only once every two weeks or so and it is more hands on… so the in the first week, we were taught the principles of pottery and we got a chance to make our own pottery two ways… by hand sculpting and by using a potter’s wheel.. Last week we started in the second phase of class which is wood working, particularly in architecture. Last Monday, we split a log in half using only shims and mallet…
    Art, Culture, and Environmental Design – this class is taught by my lab professors and in this class he invites different people from different backgrounds… art management, design, installation artists, community preservationist and so on to give lectures in our class… and also important in the class are the field work researches that students must participate to improve their observation/critical thinking skills.

    On Tuesdays:
    Sculpture Class – self-explanatory I suppose, but what I like about this class is that it exposes me to different materials/mediums that I am not familiar with… it also a nice mental break from a busy week…
    Japanese Class – pretty basic, this is where I sit in a room and try to learn Japanese and try not to embarrass myself… really fun class because I have a good teacher
    Seminar – this is a weekly laboratory pow-wow where each student in the lab tells each other what they have been up in the past week or so, in terms of school, thesis, side-projects, etc. and propose/discuss any upcoming laboratory activities…

    On Wednesdays:
    My not so free, free-day – well I do get this off sometimes, but most of the times, this is the day when I work on side projects or ran personal errands…

    On Thursdays:
    Architecture Lecture + Studio – which is right now about the JIA Design Competition in the theme of “Green Urbanism” this is a whole day class that starts at 8:40 AM…
    On Fridays:
    Art Class – but more than just an art class, this class exposes the students in different types of art, making art, design, sketching and egg protecting… hahhahaa.. egg protecting because last Friday we were given a task to protect an egg from breaking after a 2nd story drop….which I thought was pretty funny and random.

    On Saturdays and Sundays:
    I’m free in a sense… but also during these days is when I go to laboratory research trips, do grocery, clean and laundry and home works… but the weekend is also reserved for “Enjoy-Japan-Time”.

    Anyways... more picture time!!!


    • our very first project in architecture school was to make an egg protector out of 1 sheet of kent paper. glue allowed but not preferred. 1 week to design the object, the egg dropped from second floor, grade of pass/fail determined by condition of egg after its journey. i guess it was something from the bauhaus like almost everything we did in first year...

      amazing that you are doing the same project some 20 years and thousands of miles later...

      May 24, 10 9:46 am  · 
      John Tubles

      oh cool... really really cool... what are the odds... i just came back from china... and first thing my art professor gives me is a piece of paper and an egg... i was just completely baffled at first then my seat mate explained it to me.... and that i needed to finish it before lunch... hahaha... my egg almost made it... it had a crack... but after taking it out of protector.. it started to fall apart... anyways yes it is amazing to find out that "humpty dumpty" test originated from bauhaus... and was practiced by other schools aswell... is it just me or the world just felt a little smaller... hahahha

      May 24, 10 10:35 am  · 

      great china pictures and journal john! hello from pomona!

      May 24, 10 12:59 pm  · 
      John Tubles

      hello from fukuoka Orhan!!! how are things back home... i hope everybody is keeping their cool in these stressful finals time... well its kind off the same deal here... our 1st semester project presentation is next week thursday i have been working hard to tackle my project which i will talk about in my next post soon... nice to hear from you and take care!!!

      May 27, 10 9:01 am  · 

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