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    uhmmmm... hello again...

    By John Tubles
    Apr 23, '10 11:17 AM EST

    I know its getting old but it seems like every time I start my blog, I start it with Im sorry ok this will change. I swear I promise at least once a week blog each week whats the sudden change you ask well its spring now in Japan and the Cherry Blossom season just passed which means new beginnings so I guess since Im starting over again hi my name is John Tubles. Im from Cal Poly Pomona in California but I am currently studying in Kyushu University as an exchange student. Whew now that we got that out of the way I will share to you the experiences that I had during the past break break in terms of school.. But since my lab is very active I was involved in many activities, trips and such during the so-called break.. But no complains here

    So the month of March was a busy one 4 free days in the entire month
    anyways... from the last post I did, I shared with you guys that I will be translating a book in from Japanese to English well besides that last March 13th I meet my first Japanese client well my tutor and I are collaborating in designing a single-family house in Munakata, Japan what else did I do I went to a Sapporo Beer Factory where I felt like Charlie Bucket singing Ive got a golden ticket!!!!. I also went to a replica of the Netherlands called Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki where I helped my tutor clean his boat. I had the most amazing Korean meal in Japan, cooked by my Korean Lab Mate and her Husband that came from Brooklyn. Biked for 4 hours (both ways) to pick up my China Visa.. Shook hands with Sir Paul McCartney and Jon Bon Jovi Watched a Japanese Baseball Game where I saw people carrying little kegs as backpacks selling beer fresh from the tap Went to a traditional instrument atelier. And of course enjoyed the cherry blossoms with a bento on one side and a beer on another oh I finally cut my hair to donate for Locks of Love, 11 or so inches of hair

    April is when the spring time really kicked in it seems like overnight these random bushes that I see all the time turn into flower filled mounds... I even remembered one smelling like lemons spring time also means unpredictable weather sometimes it rains, sometimes it gets cold sometimes it feels like summer Ohh last week my laboratory participated in a festival called Haiya in Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture there we danced in the street and won first place in the street dancing competition this event sure makes one of my Japan moments anyways this month of April was filled with design meetings, symposiums and planning. What kind of planning you ask well two kinds first I was planning for the classes that Im taking this new semester which are the following an architecture class, a design class, an art+culture+environmental design class, a sculpture class and of course a Japanese class oh and the second type of planning is for my China trip that will be happening next week, Tuesday to Hong Kong, Beijing, Xian and Shanghai and Ill take any suggestions from anybody from foods to eat and places to go and things to see this will be my first time in China so I hope it will be fun... oh I also got my tickets to the world expo... I will be going on the 2nd week of its opening...

    So yea ive just updated you guys from now on at least one blog per week ganbaremasu!

    so more picture time...

    peach flavored strawberry... anyone???

    Ohinamatsuri, a.k.a Girls Festival

    Kengo Kuma's Nagasaki Prefectural Museum

    "ive got a golden ticket"

    "Its my life....Its now or never...."

    kimochi ne...

    ahhh.... oishikatta!

    Replica of Netherlands in Sasebo, Japan... nuff said....

    cherry blossoms of dazaifu...

    two words... Keg Backpack!!!

    my friend's family house + musical instrument atelier...

    tabi + pavement = foot blister...

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