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    By John Tubles
    May 30, '10 9:12 PM EST

    Well I decided to do something productive while taking a break from my scholarly duties [i just felt like a douche calling my work scholarly duties...hahaha] so thats why I'm blogging right now instead of watching mindless but hilarious youtube viral videos... "who else seen a leprechaun say yeah!"... hahaah...

    so heres some numbers:

    5 ----> nights spent in my lab consecutively in a week
    3 ----> hours i got sleep last night, which I have to admit is
    kinda good...
    2 ----> McPorks for dinner...
    3 ----> papers that I translated/corrected last night.. man this one
    confused the hell out of me...
    1 ----> site model finished!
    0 ----> boards developed
    6 ----> trips to the bathroom because...
    8 ----> cups of tea i drank all night long...

    well today's agenda is book translation meeting + classes in the afternoon...

    and later on the week... on thursday actually our 1st arch project this semester is due... it is a JIA Competition and the theme is Green Urbanism... as for my project i will summarize it in jist...

    Site is in Mt. Pinatubo Philippines... this infamous volcano errupted in 1991 and killed 800+ people... which is not a large number thanks to early evacuation... but this erruption was so powerful and severe that devastated millions of people, cooled the global temperature by almost .5 degree celsius not to mention billions of dollars worth of crops were destroyed.. not only that years after it still causes problems because of erosions, lahar flows etc... now almost 20 years after the erruption, you can barely tell that this place was once the site of one of the worst natural calamities in the 20th century... so for this competition I decided to focus on that narrative and use the life cycle of the volcano as the main concept of my project... which is programmatically is a resettlement facility / hostel... so i am re-thinking the contemporary meaning of urbanism by having this almost vernacular-esque new community that is not only going to settle in this flourishg area but also welcome outsiders to experience living in this hauntingly beautiful and fragile place.

    any thoughts on my project??? i know it is hard to critique without anything visual... i will upload it as soon as i have something worth taking a photo of... hahahaha.....

    but here are some photos of my workspace... well right now im currently working in 3 desks.. since they are not here... so yea im a greedy desk taker too...

    Desk 1: magazines+books+writing utencils

    Desk 2: model making stuff+new markers that i think my professor gave me...

    Desk 3: book+sketches+more pens+ mcpork+mobile+pc

    some words of encouragement....

    and just for old times sake...
    hahahhahaha.... the amature sketch is hilarious!


    • lecturers giving your sh!t? I hope my students didn't hear that

      Jun 2, 10 10:04 pm  · 

      On taking over desks: like none of us have ever done that before! There are some people in my studio who were/are notorious...

      And nice looking markers, lucky!

      Jun 5, 10 12:15 am  · 
      John Tubles

      on markers: I still dont know if my professor gave it to me... all he said is "John-kun Doozo...Doozo" which means "John... please please" and sets in on top of my desk.. I would feel weird asking him if he gave it to me, because if he didnt I know he will cause I asked, and if I return it if he gave it to me, I would give up on these amazing markers... ahhh.. its a very Larry David: Curb your enthusiam predicament...hahahahha

      Jun 6, 10 12:07 am  · 

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