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    "This may or may not be a love letter to Architecture"

    By John Tubles
    May 17, '13 1:51 PM EST

    Part (1)

    Hi guys, My name is John Tubles (clearly you know this info by now/  if  you are reading my blog). How are you doing today?  Hows the weather in your neck of the woods?

    Done with all this small talk, and I will now address the big white stinking elephant in the room…

    Yes I have fallen in dark muddy ditch that somehow mysteriously led into a well and then eventually to a cliff, that is why I have not blog for a while. In short, LIFE and GSD, chewed me up and spat me to the ground, (but in a good way I might add) and this semester was a long recovery process. 

    Anyways I know I don't have the best track record for fulfilling my blogging promises, so I will stop making any promises at all and just start doing.

    One thing though I really appreciate the opportunity to blog here in architect, and the platform it gives me to share my thoughts which can be poignant at times but mostly unfiltered ramblings of a crazy person.

    With that said I would like to (in)formally say that I will continue blogging.  Blogging things that I find relevant, blogging my (not so) crazy  but incredibly HONEST thoughts, and trying my best to capture the real raw-ness of this medium. I will continue to share my piece of the pie it to the wonderful world of the interwebs and please feel to take it as whatever you feel like it, but in the end I just simply hope that it will amuse you, the reader, after spending some time to read this.


    right now its 3:30 am and frankly really tired to i will go to sleep now and resume to blogging in the morning. gute nacht!

    Part (2)

    back to the goal of this blog post.


    Dear Architecture,


    For years now I have seen multiple sides of you.
    The last couple of years has been tumultuous to say the least...
    But I know now one thing:

    I am ready to commit.

    Even though I know that I still cannot fully comprehend you,
    And knowing you completely is almost unfathomable.

    I am ready to commit.

    Unlike my pal Lionel, I cannot say "I Love You" yet.
    But my commitment means a lot.
    Without any superficiality, Without any pride.

    I am being HONEST, I am ready to commit.


    John Martin Ludovico Tubles


    Please Listen to this for some mood music, but also please pay some close attention to how clever Lionel Ritchie captured the essence of (re)establishing a relationship. Plus Lionel Ritchie showcasing his acting chops! C'mon!

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