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    FALL QUARTER WEEK 0 “shopping in the ghetto”

    By John Tubles
    Sep 28, '10 2:47 AM EST

    Its Sunday night… well its 3 minutes before midnight so I guess technically it is Monday already… I should take advantage of this very rare free time and basically o.d. on sleep, but I am a true architecture student. And by that I mean someone that enjoys a little bit of masochism… which is why I chose to blog instead… Anyways Cal Poly Pomona’s WEEK 0 and all the crazy things that go along with it just passed…

    You know how the first week of school feels good because it is comparable to “shopping”. It is very casual checking out classes and if you do not like the class you can just step away… well for me this quarter is different… since I studied abroad, I missed some required classes. In addition the classes that I took are still not credited and there might be a chance that some of them would not transfer from Japan to Calpoly… so anyways this shopping week was more comparable to somebody that is shopping while “broke” [sh*tty financial aid] and needs to feed a “family of five” [5 classes=20 units] when the store is about to close in “half an hour” [last year of school] and when you get to the register your “food stamps don’t work” [classes taken abroad that are still not in the school system causing registration problems]…

    But this does not mean I got “bad classes” I actually got the classes I wanted to get I just had to put my red bandana on [bloodz status] and threatened people that are in my way [hahaha jk]… anyways this is what I scored!

    Monday -Wednesday-Friday

    2:00PM-6:00PM ARC Studio with Prof. Barry Milofsky: This is studio is about TODs or Transportation Oriented Design which I think is very important because we live in Los Angeles which is infamous for its large sprawl connected mostly by freeways and the poor integration of public transportation…

    Monday -Wednesday

    6:00PM-8:00PM ARC Elective with Prof. Michael Fox: I am still not sure what this class is really all about but from what I have heard we will design some housing plans for the victims of the Haiti Earthquake that happen a last January


    (I forgot the time) Thesis Prep/Research Class with Prof. Axel Pritchard-Schimitzberg: This is the first stage of our year long thesis project… By the end of the quarter were suppose to have a complete project proposal which is supported by a bunch of research work like case studies, professional consultations and other things that could substantiate our project.


    9:00-10:20 ARC Professional Practice with Prof. Kip Dickson: He promised that [like one of those infomercials in T.V. that are only on late night which target people at their most vulnerable hour…only this is in the morning] he will save us at a minimum 100 thousand dollars after a couple of weeks of taking his class… So to anybody that is reading this, including you Prof. Kip… in a couple of weeks lets go to a bar and the drinks are on me!!! [hahhaha]
    3:00-5:20 American Architecture History with Prof. Lauren Bricker: Well this one is pretty self-explanatory but what I am really excited for are the fieldtrips that we get to go on!

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