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    new years! new goals!

    By John Tubles
    Jan 9, '11 8:22 PM EST

    Hola Archinect!

    Yes, like it was mentioned on the title new goals for this year...

    The previous quarter was though... 20 units of architecture classes including thesis was not a good... by the end of it i was literally burned out... burnt out...??? so in order to recouperate from basically 1.5 years of not having a break, over the holidays I did a whole lot of nothing! well i saw some old friends and spent time with family...oh worked on some stuff for thesis and grad school applications but nothing big... getting 8 hours of sleep was just amazing...

    Last monday, yes the 3rd of january, our school started.. but the good thing is this winter quarter i am only taking 12 units of architecture!!! this is refreshing for me because i always took around 18 or more units per quarter/semester...

    anyways the Arch classes I am taking this quarter are the following:
    Haiti Re-Building Initiative for studio - Taught by Prof. Juintow Lin, and this class were suppose to design and build housing prototypes for the Displaced Hatians as well as plan a development of these prototypes in a specific site in Haiti!

    Seismic - Taught by Prof. Gary McGavin, and in this class we learn how to design architecture that could withstand earthquakes.. but then again from the previous hmwk we are also exploring the design constraints in designing architecture in outer space, specifically mars...

    thesis - My thesis advisor changed for this part of my class because of some scheduling issues.. but i hope this will help me see other important angles to my thesis...

    speaking of thesis... i will post it on a separate blog and please give me any feedback

    as for the goals:
    i tried p90x the other day and i am still sore... architecture school has made me weak...(its not like i was really strong before)... all the years of no-sleep and caffeine did not help. its a good thing i am doing it with friends..

    learn how to focus too.. because i have a really bad case of scattered thoughts and brain farts.

    oh and enjoy school... last quarter was so bad that i didnt enjoy some my classes when i knew i should have.. i must have been the burn out...

    oh well its good to regain some of my sanity back and ofcourse blogging again for archinect!

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