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    Last first day… first of the last days...

    By John Tubles
    Mar 29, '11 5:11 PM EST

    Yesterday marked the beginning of our final (10 weeks ) of architecture school… coming from spring break most of my fellow seniors have mixed feelings about the impending culmination of our thesis project… I personally had a good break working on other stuff so I feel I got my sanity back… while others are anxious to start...

    this quarter I chose to change my thesis advisor once again… most people like continuity but I guess I don’t… and I have not taken this professor ever, some of my friends think that I may have shot myself on the foot on this decision. But from what I got yesterday, it seems like it is a good choice… He wants us to have little projects/games/ charettes that he playfully call “design bootcamp” that are concurrent with our thesis. The beginning of thesis design phase starts today!!! I know it seems tooooooo short to design a thesis project in 10 weeks but that b.s. scheduling comes from the “upper-management”…. Oh well it is good to be back sane and working…

    [5 thesis advisors+72 seniors+1strict syllabus]

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