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    By John Tubles
    Jun 29, '12 5:04 PM EST

    Hey readers I am leaving for the land of sushi, doraemon and kitty-chan aka Japan tomorrow and will be there for a month..

    Like I said before I was invited to be a guest lecturer/researcher in my former school Kyushu University..

    I will be blogging regularly to update my family and friends... and of course share all my experiences to anybody in the interwebs..

    If you guys want me to go somewhere or  do/see something in particular and blog about it... please let me know because I might* just do it... 

    take note of the operative word might because if it is something crazy like kiss a live blow fish or solicit prostitution I will probably not do it... (well mayyyyyybe the 2nd one... just kidding).

    Hope to hear from you!


    ...ok must pack now!



    • let me know if you make it to tokyo john

      Jun 30, 12 9:59 pm  · 
      John Tubles

      Hi Will, I will be in Tokyo for sure on July 2 and 7-8.. So if you are free to meet up just email me... Maybe i'll see you soon?!

      Jul 1, 12 2:50 am  · 

      John  is guess i will not be asking if you will be showing up in Ohosto, Wyoming, usa. Enjoy your travels.  Thinking is is alot like saying I'm going to: Snowflake,Arizona, or Bumble Bee, Arizona, or Recluse, Wyoming.  Enjoy your time and gather knowledge from the Grand Canadian it rubb off on you in a wise way!


      Jul 4, 12 7:18 pm  · 
      John Tubles

      snook_dude... I am sooo sorry but i did not understand your comment... I read it a couple of times.. And i just got more confused.. Then again i feel that i am often confused here in japan.. If you are pertaining to my "lets get to know america trip" i will still be doing that when i come back.. So just wait a lil bit... And while youre waiting please explain your comment... Anyways i will definitely enjoy my trip... Blog post is coming up soon!

      Jul 5, 12 5:34 am  · 

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