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    CPP...represent! [peace]

    By John Tubles
    Aug 22, '09 12:07 AM EST

    …so I went back to p-town (Pomona) today to have a going away lunch with friends that are leaving to different study abroad programs… I don’t want to sound like a little b*tch but it is a bit sad... not seeing my crazy peeps for a year. Oh well, I still have a month here in L.A. so I’m pretty sure this will be a month filled with goodbyes… anyways enough about sh*tty goodbyes, I am going to show you guys my Daigaku (school)!

    … to begin, the architecture dept is somewhat divided into 2 general areas, “Bldg 7” which is the School of Environmental Design Bldg, so we share it Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture Students and “I.D.C” which is our studio spaces…

    so from my house i take the 91E to 605N...


    exit kellog...

    and arrive at...

    ...then in bldg 7...


    ...i rarely spend time here so I'm not really personally attached to this space...

    And this is the IDC... our studio space... second home... place of many shannanigans...
    ..this is the corner where we have bbqs... its hidden behind a row of macadamia nut trees...
    ..inside... it looks a bit sparce but when school starts..oh no...

    ...we have plenty of parking here which is great... but were also next to horse stables...

    ...but nearby the idc theres an orchard... which has meyer lemons, oranges, grapefruits, madarins and tangerines... [i will definitely miss this place]

    ...oooh and today I saw an apple tree for the first time...

    ...too bad im not going to be here during avocado season...oh shoot its 10... im going to be late... i will write some more when i get back...argh.. my friend is going to kill me...


    • i like it busy. the farms in cal poly are great. so are the stables. i love the smell of farm life and the arabian horses. you guys are more grounded in nature than city schools. take advantage of that!
      Aug 25, 09 11:10 pm  · 
      John Tubles

      now thats the studio im familiar with... thanks orhan...

      Aug 28, 09 7:01 pm  · 

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