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    By John Tubles
    Apr 7, '11 8:35 PM EST

    This is a poster...well a really big poster in our studio stating:

    "Competence. Discipline. Architecture."

    the running theme for our year's thesis design studio.


    • greyhound

      I really wish Archinect had a 'like' feature

      Apr 8, 11 12:49 am
      buffalo fill


      Apr 8, 11 10:05 am

      greyhound 3.0 does....

      Apr 8, 11 10:10 am
      we're in this together

      there's a helvetica documentary out there .. anyone see it?

      Apr 8, 11 10:26 am
      vado retro

      that ain't helvetica.

      Apr 8, 11 11:50 am

      looks like Gotham Ultra.

      nice sentiment, tho.

      Sep 10, 12 3:17 pm

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