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    Shanghai World Expo 2010 Day 01

    By John Tubles
    May 12, '10 2:07 AM EST

    Expo 2010

    day 1...
    Looking back... The day started with some pretty funny misfortunes... I almost got ran over by a moped while crossing the street legally... Then I exited the subway a little early so i ended up entering the expo at gate 5, the one closest to the china pavillion so its generally crowded... It took an hour to get inside the expo... not only that all the pavillions that are around my area are already packed... Especially Korea, one of the pavillions im looking forward to see... So i ended up just walking around and looking at pavillions without any lines... So i got to go to my home land's pavillion, the philippines... and to Denmark's Pavillion by BIG Architecture... which i was really excited to see... the main focus of the entire exhibition is the little mermaid statue that was brought from Denmark to Shanghai... I really liked the procession that the pavillion itself created but sadly the bikes that were suppose to be used in the pavillion and which is also a vital part of Danes daily life is not used because of too much people... After Denmark Pavillion I met some Filipino Students in Shanghai and we all decided to go together... They were more patient than me... so it forced me to go wait in line and go inside the pavillions... We went to France, UK, Mexico, Oman, Israel, Morocco and some other places... Its really interesting to see the different approach that different countries take in designing their respective pavillions... Some took a more literal representation of their country like Oman and Morroco, and some like UK who did a completely conceptual piece... For tommorow first thing on the list is Germany... I hope for infinite amount of patience...

    I will upload photos when i get back in japan saturday...

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    • SmSedge

      Looking forward to seeing your photos! I’m from the UK but have lived in Oman for 7 years.

      May 12, 10 4:05 am  · 

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