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    holy f*ck balls

    By John Tubles
    Sep 15, '12 2:48 PM EST

    I am terribly sorry for the expletives but I just realized that it has been a while since I blogged... and yes incase you are wondering, for the 167th time, I have fallen off the edge of the cliff again.. a cliff called GSD.

    Today, Saturday, is the end of my third week (1 week of orientation and 2 weeks of actual school). I can say that I am still adjusting here. There were times that I was struggling to keep afloat.. not only because of the work load but also all the cool things thats going on.  Where is the time!!!

    But I have to say... I am finally, slowly but surely, adjusting to my new life here in Harvard... and no I do not mean being the poster child of Ralph Lauren, wearing sweater vests and participating in polo matches with a horse named Poppy.  I mean, getting some social life and meeting new friends!

    From my last post about Harvard, I am getting a pretty heavy dose of “uncomfortability”. This side of the world is sooooo foreign to me. And yes I know its just the East Coast, Boston/Cambridge... but you know what it is because of Harvard. I guess I am not that cool for admitting this because everybody around me has this certain cool confidence and sense of purpose, Anyways I was a bit overwhelmed about everything at first.... Sh*t.. I am only human.. and it is Harvard GSD... but like I said before I am slowly adjusting.. getting in the groove of things!

    Random things that I have been doing for the past couple of weeks:

    1) I am taking 4 classes:
    MArchII Pro-Seminar with Jorge Silvetti
    > This is a lets get to know you class in a of a presentation.
    Modern Housing and Urban Districts with Peter Rowe
    >Lecture about housing typol
    Common Frameworks:Rethinking the Developmental City Studio with Chris Lee
    The 4th Typology: Dominant Type and the Idea of the City with Chris Lee


    2) I need suggestions a name for my new studio buddy.

    3) I realized I walk like a true Californian, SLOW, slower than a grandma with polio.


    4) I am sick of pizzas and burgers.

    5) Speaking of food, I want some real tacos!

    6) I started writing down the ridiculous things that people say here. Ofcourse just for personal enjoyment.. because some of them are really hilarious.

    7) Oh if I get a penny for every time somebody in GSD says the word pedagogy or tabula rasa.. I will be a rich man!

    -Next week wednesday, our studio will be heading to Shanghai and Xiamen for a symposium and site visit... so I will definitely blog about our findings later.


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