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    9 mosquito bites and counting…

    By John Tubles
    Oct 5, '09 8:04 AM EST

    Day 5 in Nihon is about to end and today in general was an interesting experience… First thing in the morning, I went to take a placement test for my Nihongo Class and frankly that was brutal… I completely bombed the entire thing because I tried to take the test for people that have already taken a Japanese class… I was and still somewhat embarrassed with the result of my test and I am still not quite sure what Japanese class I am taking or if I am going to have a class tomorrow… then after that I went to my elective class called architectural planning, which was another interesting experience. The entire class is thought in Japanese and no translation from the tutors… so if you have a question you have to talk to your sensei after the class which we did… and we found out that we “technically” need 3 books and only one of them has an English translation so were at a lost on that. The good thing was that the teacher knows how to speak in English and was very accommodating to us exchange students… oh and today I finally got my library card so I can use the toshokan (library) for research in an assignment due on Thursday… oh and I met my tutor today his name is Nakamura sensei, who is a practicing architect here in Fukuoka and about to go back to school to get his doctorate degree in kenchikugaku. He said he just met Seijima San last week Nagoya and on Wednesday he will take me to open a bank account so I can get a mobile then to his firm for a potential internship… I’ve also met my fellow classmates in my laboratory they were very nice and friendly. So today was a great day and I will post photos of my campus, laboratory and studio space once I fully move in the campus…

    … oh since I’m in Japan, I would like to feature a random Japanese product for fun.. So the 1st Japanese product of the week is…


    This sake is was from the Kurogi Town in Tsuyazaki in Fukutsu… they brew their own sake here since the Edo-Period… This sake was the cheapest one in the store, it was 290Yen and it was really good. It went down really smooth and had a sweet and slight fruity aftertaste. Obviously they make better sake than this but for its price and taste; I think it’s a good deal!

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    • jcbrown

      hey man you are lucky enough atleast the sensei know English, it would have been even more worse if that too was not there.How did you manage your elective class on architectural planning without knowing Japanese, you would have had hell of a time in there, It wonderful the way you narrate your experiences, keep updating i am following you closely

      Nov 25, 09 8:58 am  · 

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