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    oh oh i'm not in japan anymore...

    By John Tubles
    Apr 29, '10 8:10 PM EST

    (LOUD NOISES!!!!) this is the first thing that ive noticed since i boarded my plane coming from my stop over in taiwan... little did i know that this plane ride would be an acurate comparison of hong kong, a city that i know very little about...

    Like my plane ride Hong Kong is loud... Yeah i forgot that people are loud... and big bustling cities are loud with cars hongking, street vendors yelling out their discounts and regular people talking to each other but in a much higher decibel... this is such a stark contrast to japan and especially fukuoka.... So this somewhat pleasantly caught me off guard because ive been longing to sing on the street and just talk to people in my regular voice rather than my pathetic effort of speaking in a hush tone....

    Like my plane ride Hong Kong is interconnected... There was a family of 8 or so in my flight that are not seated adjacent to each other... So naturally they reach out or talk to each other even when they are 2 rows away..... Just like the buildings here, especially in the hong kong side... Tall sky scrapers are linked together with a series of stairs + pedestrian bridges that sometimes connects to a curb of real fly over bridges....

    Like my airplane food Hong Kong is a blatant, high-contrast combination of the east and the west.... Well I ate a somewhat stir-fried tofu in some generic asian sauce sandwhiched in a baguette accompanied with a minute made apple juice box and hot tea poured from a pitcher... there are many high contrast scenarios here such as bamboo + rope scaffolding in a contemporary high rise building... a fish and chips shop next to an old chinese medicine shop... And one of the oldest dimsum place in hong kong steps away from a new hip restaurant that is reminiscent of an american chain called the yardhouse...

    ...Well today is my last day in Hong Kong... tommorrow I will be flying to beijing... But right now I will be going to a random fishing village somewhere in the Lantau Island...

    ... And i will try to post pics... But iono if my phone can do it...

    ...ohh it works... the wonders of modern technology.... oh btw photos were taken from my cam phone so bare with me please...







    • justavisual

      hong kong is great, did you see kowloon and mong kok? talk about insane.

      May 2, 10 3:02 pm  · 

      i live in hong kong now. loud is an understatement. the transit system here is kind of amazing.

      May 3, 10 1:04 am  · 
      John Tubles

      oh yes i stayed in mongkok in a hostel called the johnson hostel... It was this small 5 room hostel on the 11th floor of some random building... So you really get the feeling of living in a cheap flat in hong kong... the elevator was insanely busy most of the time with random kinds of people inside from hip youngsters to old grand parents carrying grocery... And yes hong kong has an excellent public transportation... And my friend let me borrow her mom's transportation card... So it was even more convienient... oh and i just came from beijing and nom im in xian... Hong kong still takes the cake on the loudness...

      May 7, 10 6:08 am  · 

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